Where Is the Insert Key on Laptop Keyboards? (Answered!)

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Laptop keyboards are a bit different than traditional keyboards. Have you ever looked for the insert key on your laptop keyboard and come up empty-handed?

If so, you’re not alone. Many laptop users don’t know where the insert key is, or even that their keyboard has one.

If you are finding your Insert key on your Laptop keyboard, then this post will definitely help you.

Where Is the Insert Key on Laptop Keyboards

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Where Is the Insert Key on Laptop Keyboards?

The insert key on most keyboards is located near or next to the backspace key. In some cases, the Insert key is labeled as “Ins.” The exact placement of the Insert key will depend on what type of laptop you have. 

For example, on an Apple keyboard, the Insert key is actually replaced by a different symbol. The “Fn” key is used in place of the Insert key.

Therefore in order to provoke the same function as an Insert key, hold down “Fn” + “Enter.”

Image shows Laptop Key layout with Insert Key
Image shows Laptop Key layout with Insert Key

On a PC keyboard, the Insert key is often shared with another key such as “Pause.” In order to provoke the Insert function, hold down “Fn” + the Insert key. 

It will depend on what the primary key is. If it has a different color writing on it than the other keys, that is the secondary function of the key and will require an “Fn” prior to pressing.

Top Right Corner of the Keyboard

The Insert key is typically located in the right top right corner of the keyboard. This is especially true if there is not an “Insert” key present.

In other words, the 0 key has a dual function. We will explore this in the next section.

Insert Key Together With the 0 Key as Secondary Function

When Num Lock is turned off, the 0 key functions as an Insert key.

This is why you may see the key labeled as both “0” and “Ins.” There are other keys that can also provoke the same “Ins” function. We will explore more on this in the next section.

Hidden Insert Key in Keyboard Layout

As we touched upon briefly above, there are certain keys that must be pressed together in order to provide the Insert function.

For example, the shift can operate as a toggle for the Num Lock. This is similar to how the Shift Key operates as a toggle for all capital letters. 

To help make this easier to understand, if the Num Lock is on, using keys “Shift + Numpad 0” can also become a function key.

In Laptops Without Insert Key

As explained in the previous answer, if there is no Insert key on your keyboard at all, using the combination “Shift + Numpad 0” should give you the same function as an Insert key.

No Insert Key on Laptop Keyboard- What to Do?

An insert key is typically always present on full-sized keyboards. However, if you can not find an Insert key on your laptop keyboard, do not panic. You have options that will still provide the same function you are looking for. 

Since laptop keyboards are getting smaller and smaller to allow for portability and convenience, manufacturers often remove these keys as they are seen as lesser-used. 

Each laptop will vary slightly, however, there are some main strategies to use in the event you are out of luck.

Tip # 1: Use an On-Screen Keyboard with OS. The on-screen keyboard will vary depending on the operating system you are using. Nonetheless, you should be able to find the insert key with an on-screen keyboard.

Tip # 2: Use an additional piece of software. For example, using keyboard macros will allow you to type an Insert key with another key as a combination.

There are numerous software programs that will allow you to do this such as Macro Recorder and AutoHotkey.

Tip #3: You can easily remap the keys on your keyboard by creating a custom one. Using a custom layout will allow you to create dual functionality or use combinations.

Where is the Insert Key on an HP Laptop?

The Insert key on an HP laptop is located in a few different places. If your keyboard does not have a clear insert key, it can also be found with a combination. 

The combination is “FN + E.” This combination is specifically for HP computers. HP manufacturers decided this combination would be their Insert equivalent.

In EliteBook Models of HP laptops, you get the Insert Key on the F10 Key. You need to toggle F10 using the Function button to use the Insert Functionality.

Insert Key in HP Laptop

How Do I Get My HP Laptop Out of Insert Mode?

To cancel Insert mode on your HP laptop, all you have to do is press the Insert key again.

To do this, use the same function “FN + E” to disable it. Not only can this combination activate the Insert key, but it can also deactivate it if need be.


Let’s conclude the post on where is the insert key on Laptop Keyboard!

The Insert key is a versatile key that can be used for a variety of tasks.

Its location may vary depending on the make and model of your laptop, but it’s generally found in either the top row of keys or in the row below the function keys.

I hope you found this post helpful and loved reading the post.

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