Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Competitive gaming is getting even more competitive, and there is a requirement to choose the perfect gaming switches for your next gameplay. 

Many FPS (First Person Shooter) games and MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games require a lot of fast keystrokes. Many gamers prefer a mechanical keyboard because it offers better responsiveness and helps them keep up with their opponents.

Blue switches are commonly used for mechanical keyboards, and they are very popular. So, are the blue switches good for gaming?

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

Let’s get started!

Are Blue Switches good for gaming?

Blue switches are suitable for gaming, but they are not ideal. Blue Switches do not always make the best in gaming if the competition is superior and requires faster clicks. The switches are made with heavy springs(60cN for Cherry MX Blue) with large tactile bumps and then loud audible clicks, which help give satisfying feedback when a keystroke has registered. 

The tactile bump with the audible clicky noise on each click can be disturbing at some point, as you might need to chat during your gameplay. When gaming, they need a clean and consistent actuation; this helps to know when you are registered once you press them. 

Do Blue Switches get annoying?

With the blue switch, chatting with teammates and friends can be challenging. Everyone has one friend who, when they are typing, you must hear the click. When typing, the loud nature of clicks is the last thing you should listen to when talking to your friends. 

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It would help if you avoided click switches, not only Blue Switches, with that one in mind. This shows that the colored switches like blue, green, and purple actuate similarly. In some cases, there are other places where you can use Blue Switches while gaming. You can use this type of game that is not very competitive since the switch is an essential aspect of the game itself for some games.

Can you use Blue Switches for gaming?

Blue Switches can be used for gaming and even competitive gaming if you don’t bother that much of the noise it produces. In terms of built quality, clicking experience, the Blue Switches are superior and very durable.

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Gaming with Blue Switch on RK61 Keyboard

Pros Of of Using a Blue switch for gaming

Here are the pros of using blue switches for gaming:

Good Actuation and Operating Force

Once you press the switch on your keyboard after some pre-travel distance, you respond that you have clicked the switch. So, at that point, that is an actuation point for that particular switch in that keyboard. 

Blue sweaters have a good amount of activation force. For example, the Cherry MX switches have an operating force of 60cN, which is good. 

Clicky Feel

Most of The Gamers like having a clicky feel on the gaming keyboard. You will make you aware that you are clicking a particular key that gives you responsive feedback in terms of that clicking sound, which makes you aware of the perfect League you are going through when you are taking very much faster during your game.

Blue switches are clicky mechanical switches, so the click to get would be the best out of all the switches available.

Accurate Clicks

During gaming, the accuracy of clicks matters a lot. 

If the clicks are inaccurate in the FPS games, you won’t get that much competitive advantage with a mechanical gaming keyboard. However, the blue switches are very accurate, and once you press a key, you get noticeable feedback from the clicks telling you that you have pressed that particular switch. 

It makes the keypresses more accurate, and you get notified by each keypress you make during a game which helps during gameplay.

Cons Of Blue Switch for gaming

Here are the cons of Blue switches for gaming:

Noisy during the gaming session

One of the most common drawbacks of the blue switch is that it is very noisy. The loud clicking noise will be distracting to anyone else who is in the same room and might be distracting to the person using it. There are ways to fix this issue, but it is still something that users need to be aware of if they are going to use the switch.

Higher Travel distance as compared to the Linear types

The problem with the clicky blue switch is that it’s pretty tricky to press, and if you’re not used to it, it’s also relatively easy to push it when you don’t want to, making it a pretty clumsy switch use. 

You need to press using a lot of force around 60cN(Cherry MX Blue) and is much higher than any linear mechanical switch, which has an Operating force of 45cN(Cherry MX Red).

Are blue or red switches better for gaming?

Blue switches are of the clicky types, and the Red Switches are of the linear type for gaming. You need a good amount of responsiveness and tactility and in a mixture with the fastest click possible so abusive, which can be effectively good for gaming. 

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If you don’t mind how much noise it produces, but if you want to go for faster clicking switches with low actuation points and without much noticeable noise, the Red Switches are better for gaming.

Are Blue Switches good for Fortnite?

FPS games like Fortnite need fast and accurate clicks for which the blue switches are not the best, and the linear switches can be more appropriate for games like Fortnite. 

Also, you need to interact in the chat and Converse with people during your gameplay so that the Blue Switches might be distracting as the noise coming out from the switch keypress is loud. So, the Blue Switches are not the perfect way to go for Fortnite. 

Playing Fortnite with Blue switches on RK61 keyboard

Are Cherry Mx Blue Switches good for gaming?

Cherry MX is a very popular brand making high-quality mechanical switches, and the Blue Switches are not an exception. They are made precisely with high quality, making us wise to go for Cherry MX blue switches.

Cherry MX Blue has an Operating force of 60cN, a pre-travel of 2.2 mm, and a total travel of 4mm, which is impressive to consider as a good gaming switch. However, it produces clicky noise, a characteristic of Blue switches.

If clicky noise does not annoy you, then the blue switches can be a good one to consider for gaming.

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The best switches for gaming

Apart from the Blue Switches, other switches like the linear Red and the tactile Brown are lovely in gaming. The presence of red, black, and yellow switches is the best to use in gaming. The level of consistency and smooth actuation means that you have the control required to press the key faster—this helps make the keystroke more reliable. 

For gaming purposes, linear is considered the best type of actuation. There are many types of linear actuation, and it is essential to differentiate those suitable for gaming and the rest. Going for linear optical switches is the best for those beginning this gaming because these switches actuate through light instead of metal plate touching. 

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Speed switches also have the features of having a shorter actuation distance, so there is no need to press the key as far as it’s registered. Other super-specialized switches are considered the best in gaming but go with a linear switch if you have options. If you start changing the actuation type and reducing the actuation distance, the whole process becomes uncomfortable to work with.

Switches to avoid competitive gaming

First of all, Blue Switches are not the best in gaming. To some point, tactile switches also need to be avoided due to their impact during gaming time. Switches that appear in brown, clear, or orange tend to have a tactile bump that affects the smoothness and consistency in actuation. 

Even though these switches can be used in faster typing and fewer errors, they are known to slow your pace down due to their impact when they are in use. 

For gaming purposes, linear switches are the best option since they don’t have tactile bumps or noises that disturb other people’s concentration. When going for the switches, the best recommendation is to buy those that don’t make noise when clicking and those with no tactile bump.

My View of Blue Switches for Gaming

I use a blue switch setup in my mechanical keyboard, which I use for gaming, programming, and more. The switches are noisy but that I like very much. When you first start using them, they feel amazing and more like a typewriter.

It has a tactile bump that most typists find very satisfying, and I admire it also. Blue switches are often used for gaming due to their responsiveness, but this may not be the best option for everyone. 

Blue switches were designed for typing rather than gaming. Many people enjoy the clicky sound they make while typing, but they can be pretty loud, especially compared to other switches

Here is my choice for best Blue switch keyboard:

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Let’s conclude the post on if blue switches are good for gaming!

If you switch to a mechanical keyboard for the first time, you will surely enjoy using the blue switch setup for gaming. The Blue switches are very popular, and in fact, they are Kailh’s most popular switches. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post!