Are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

Before switching to a mechanical keyboard, I was curious about whether it will be good or not to use it as a programmer. After I tried for several days and my productivity improved a lot. I am not new to the mechanical keyboard as I am using it for the last two years for coding. Being a programmer, I would be able to answer this question to the fullest.

So, are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

Mechanical keyboards provide:

  • A good typing experience.
  • Proper feedback.
  • Reliable clicks from the mechanical keys directly improve programming efficiency.

With the custom high-quality mechanical switches, it improves typing speed and accuracy.

Factors that make a Mechanical Keyboard Programming Friendly

beautiful programming workstation setup with mechanical keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards are the most sought keyboard option if you are a programmer and everyone feels used to it in a few days. After using mechanical keyboards for several days for programming, you would love so much that you would not like to switch back to any other types of keyboard like a membrane keyboard or a rubber dome keyboard.

Here are the factors below that make a mechanical keyboard programmer-friendly and give you an added advantage.

Better Durability

Mechanical keyboards are known for how durable they are. People admire the durability of a mechanical keyboard and how long a mechanical keyboard lasts compared to any other type of keyboard like a membrane keyboard or rubber dome keyboard. 

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We try to implement our logic or debug very fast while developing or fixing a moderate to an urgent bug. We don’t care about how much pressure we are applying to type on our keyboard during that process. Due to this reason, if the keyboard is not durable, then putting extra pressure on the keys can damage, or its membrane may get affected.

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The mechanical keyboards solve this problem. They come with very high durable custom mechanical switches and a solid architectural design of its chassis. This makes the mechanical keyboard truly developer-friendly without having much to worry about in terms of durability and longevity of the keyboard.

Click Sound and Feel

Mechanical Keyboards have a good clicky clacky typing experience that resembles the old typewriter. In the past, for typing fast and doing official work, the typewriter was the most sought option.

For someone who wants to have the typewriter experience even on a computer, then a mechanical keyboard is the only option that provides a typewriter feeling despite being a computer keyboard.

Faster Typing With Improved Click Accuracy

During programming, we need to code faster, and mechanical keyboard keys make this easier. With mechanical keyboard keys, you would be able to write your code faster and with greater accuracy. It is also suitable for people who do not like to look at their keyboard during typing. A mechanical keyboard is a good choice for them too.

You may type fast but are your clicks accurate? You might face this issue when you have many typos, and you need to correct them all. In the case of programming, it is somewhat different. We get autosuggestions from IDE(integrated development environment like Intellij IDEA, VS Code. Still, it is good to get the typing accuracy to the max. The mechanical keyboard would help you to get your clicks more accurate.

Light Keypress Experience with Feedback

Whenever a person types during programming, they might not even look at the computer keyboard and might be concentrating on the programming by looking on the monitor screen. Mechanical keyboards typing sound or clicking taps make some alert and ensure that the clicks are getting registered.

Though the clicks sound like a typewriter, however, the clicks are not hard like a typewriter. The mechanical keyboard gives a light-touch typing experience with good feedback of the keys.

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You would also feel the keys are giving the opposite feedback that improves your typing speed.

Anti-Ghosting Feature

Anti Ghosting is a popular feature that is important for gamers. They press multiple keys together, and only anti-ghosting keyboards can register it properly. For programmers who type fast and want to complete their work as soon as possible, they need this feature.

Your keyboard should not slow your performance, and with a mechanical keyboard, there is no limit to your typing speed or your programming speed that you can achieve.

RGB Lighting

Many mechanical keyboards come with RGB lighting that improves the typing experience and workspace look

You will eventually feel better using an RGB keyboard than a standard keyboard. Any backlighting helps to type even when the room is not well lit. 

Fully Customizable Mechanical Switches and Layout

Mechanical keyboards can be custom-built. You can customize the switches and whatever size you prefer, and you can make the keys. 

This ensures that you can choose the proper height of the keyboard, keycap types, backlighting options, and more with a mechanical keyboard. For better operation, you can also lube the keys and also apply stabilizers according to your need.

You can customize the layout of the keys, making it a full-sized keyboard60% keyboard or any custom layout.

Easily Repairable and Saves Cost

Mechanical keyboard keys are easily repairable as for this. It has each separate key and not a single membrane. So, you don’t need to change the entire but only a specific key whenever you repair it.

A mechanical keyboard can be repaired for a fraction of the cost and hence save a lot of cost for the cases where you need to buy an entire new membrane or a keyboard.

Here you would find why you should choose a mechanical keyboard

My Mechanical Keyboard Experience as being a Programmer

I am a Full Stack Software Developer, and I use a mechanical Keyboard for programming regularly. Using a mechanical keyboard has been beneficial for the programming I do as it improves my productivity to a greater extent. 

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After I switched to a mechanical keyboard, my productivity improved a lot compared to the membrane keyboard I used before. I am satisfied with using a mechanical keyboard for programming. The colored light it emits enhances my workspace. I use a Kailh Blue Type switch mechanical keyboard, and I love the sound also.

The significant benefits mechanical keyboard bought in my programming are:

  1. The typing became way faster (improved by 30%), accurate, and more enjoyable.
  2. Good keycap sound enabled me to notice if my clicks are getting registered when I am coding.
  3. I don’t have to worry about the pressure I am putting on the keyboard as it is very durable.
  4. I can use it for long programming sessions without much tiring due to good feedback of the switches.

Downsides I found are:

  1. The keyboard is heavy and difficult to carry.
  2. The mechanical keyboard sounds noisier when I typed fast during programming. If you are using Blue Switches, it would be not quiet. So, to reduce the noise, you may opt for Red Mechanical Switches.


Mechanical keyboards are outstanding performers for your programming, and every keypress gets registered far more accurately than a membrane keyboard.

I talked about my experience, what I considered as a benefit and what downsides. However, the benefits I got using a mechanical keyboard for coding truly outweighed the downsides. If I have to choose a new keyboard again for programming, I will choose a mechanical keyboard for sure.

If you are a programmer, it is highly recommended to try a mechanical keyboard and fall in love with the performance, durability, typing efficiency, and typing experience. It will give a unique kind of coding experience using it that probably you desired to have.

Hope you like my post! Thanks for visiting.