The 8 Best Mouse Under 200 In India of 2020

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What are the best mouses under Rs 200 online?
Zinq Technologies ZQ233 Wired Mouse with 1000DPI for Laptop and Desktop

Whether you are using a laptop or desktop, you can use this Zinq Technologies ZQ233 Wired Mouse. It supports plug and plays with its wired USB cable. Your work would be smooth and easy as this mouse has a high DPI of 1000. You can also take advantage of high DPI playing games with this mouse.

This mouse can be used with all Windows versions (Supports Windows 10). It uses Optical Senor that helps to accurately track our mouse movement. We felt pretty accurate mouse tracking. Zing Technology claims that it has a switch lifetime you can expect of  10,00,000 click. This proves that it is pretty durable. 

At this Price Point we didnot find any cons for this product. 

In this range under 200, the Zinq ZQ233 mouse would be a superb choice.

2. Live Tech MS-04 USB Wired Mouse (Black) Budget Mouse

Live Tech MS-04 USB Wired Mouse (Black) Budget Mouse

Live Tech Mouse MS-04 is the right Wired USB mouse for this budget. It is available in black color. It is the cheapest mouse in India we found and are reviewing right now. You can use this mouse irrespective of being a left or right handed user.


  • This mouse is suitable for both right and left-hand user(s) as it has ambidextrous design
  • It is well compantible with Windows OS
  • This mouse has 800 DPI which is good for regular work.
  • You would get a warranty of 1 year.

We liked this mouse and it looks average as per us. In terms of usability it is quite good.

3. Quantum QHM232 Wired Optical Mouse

Quantum QHM232 3-Button 1000DPI Wired Optical Mouse

Quantum QHM232 is a wired USB mouse from Quantum. It is a high quality USB mouse from Quantum. 


  • It is good for both desktop and notebook.
  • It has a brand warranty of 12 Months. 
  • It has a DPI of 1000.

Quantum manufactured mice are pretty good in build quality. You can use this mouse regularly and your work would be pretty smooth.

Quantum QHM222 3-Button 1000DPI Wired Optical Mouse (Black)

Quantum QHM222 3-Button 1000DPI Wired Optical Mouse (Black)

Quantun QHM222 is a mini Mouse from Quantum. This mouse is smaller than your regular used mouse. 


  • Resolution 400/800/1000 DPI
  • USB interface

This product is really value for money if you like a small mouse. It is best suited for students.

5. ProDot Universal MU253s USB 1000 DPI Wired Optical Mouse (Black)

ProDot Universal MU253s USB 1000 DPI Wired Optical Mouse (Black)

Prodot Universal mouse MU253s is great for using with either your desktop or your laptop. You would even enjoy playing some casual games with it as it has a DPI of 1000. 


  • ProDot Plug-n-Play Wired Mouse has a neutral design to fit your palm perfectly and eliminate hand fatigue whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. Comes with a long cable for ease in assisting gaming, multimedia, and other applications.
  • This optical mouse allows for quick and precise control of your mouse pointer. Smoothly glide the mouse without interruption or drag. 
  • In addition to the traditional right- and left-click buttons, it features a third button over the scroll wheel. Use it to close a browser window and more.
  • The scroll wheel is good enough to ease your task.
  • With this mouse, you can rely on optical technology for smooth, precise control. Navigate with better speed, accuracy, and reliability. The optical sensor tracks movement on nearly any surface. With or without a mouse pad, the mouse moves quickly for precise optical tracking.
  • The offered wired optical mouse is well compatible with all OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. 
  • Prodot mouse is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Prodot manufactures good quality wired mouse and this mouse is not an exception. Its performance is pretty good for regular use.

6. Foxin Classy-Red Wired Optical Mouse (Red)

Foxin Classy-Red Wired Optical Mouse (Red)

Foxin has a good looking mouse in this range Foxin Classy-Red. 


  • Easy Plug-and-Play: Offers a plug-and-play experience while the USB port jack allows it to be easily installed.
  • Three buttoned Navigation: The 3-buttoned corded mouse lets you access all the navigation actions by pressing and holding the middle button, left button, and right button depending on your requirement.
  • Ergonomic Orbicular Shape: Designed ergonomically to provide a comfortable grip and reduce hand fatigue.
  • Mirror Smooth Tracking & Startling Response: Software resolution up to 6400 DPI and hardware resolution up to 800 DPI ensures mirror-smooth, ultra-precise moves on almost any surface.
  • Broad Compatibility: Supports IBM or compatible PC with Windows and Mac OS

Foxin Classy-Red Wired Mouse is a good looking mouse that can increase the beauty of your workspace. It is available in red colour which looks bright. 

7. Lapcare L-70 Plus 1200 DPI USB Optical Mouse with Ambidextrous Design

Lapcare L-70 Plus 1200 DPI USB Optical Mouse with Ambidextrous Design


  • Lapcare mouse is made with high-quality materials that enable it to be light yet sturdy.
  • It is incredibly comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed people with its Anti-skid design.
  • This mouse comes with a rubber roller, which would ensure better grip and enable quick and efficient scrolls. In windows, it also supports zoom in and out feature.
  • Designed for precise and quick operations with its 1200 DPI, making it suitable for casual gaming.
  • Completely compatible with Windows OS upto Windows 10.

Lapcare L-70 Plus has an asthetic and minimalist look for a mouse. You would enjoy using it as it comes with high DPI of 1200.

This mouse Lapcare L-70 is highly recommended to buy.

8. Zebronics Zeb-Alex Wired USB Optical Mouse with 3 Buttons

Zebronics Zeb Alex Wired USB OpticalMouse with 3 Buttons

Zebronics Zeb Alex is a Wired Optical mouse which you can connect easily to your laptop or desktop using USB port Plug and Play.


  • Zeb-Alex is a Wired USB Optical Mouse With Advanced optical sensor technology
  • It is Compact and has a stylish design
  • It has High precision, and it Works on most surfaces
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Resolution 1200 DPI
  • Button life three million cycles
  • One year from the date of purchase

Many would say that cheap computer mice are deficient. However, in our experience, they are not at all bad. They may lack some premium features, but they are competent enough for regular usage.

Zebronics is a very popular manufacturer of computer parts and accessories at a cheap price. Quality of Zeb-Alex Wired Mouse is pretty good as compared to other reviewed mice in this range.

What to Look for in a Budget Mouse in India?

Whenever you are purchasing a mouse at a stringent budget (under 200 rs), you should look into the following factors:

  • The warranty is crucial to look at as you would know how many days the company has trust in their product.
  • Another factor of importance would be durability. Whenever you purchase a mouse online for under 200 rs, you would probably not keep it in the showcase. For regular use, durability is a significant factor that would impact the usability of your mouse. 
  • Suppose you are a left handed user checking if the mouse supports the left hand or not. As the most mouse is ambidextrous, i.e., support both left and right-hand usage.

Any premium factors you can skip at this budget like a wireless mouse or RGB gaming mouse. You would want a durable and regular usable mouse for your work. These mice we recommended can be used for your everyday work.

As you are looking to buy a budget mouse you may also like to know about best mouse under 500.  If you need a budget keyboard we have covered on the best keyboard under 500 in India.


After comparing and considering all factors, we conclude that the Prodot mouse would be best under 200 if you use it for your laptop and desktop. Lapcare L-70 Plus would also be the right choice. You may opt if you want to.

We hope you got your answer about the best mouse under 200 rs. Let us know which mouse you finally purchased.  

If you have any query feel free to contact us.

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