Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing? (YES…BUT!)

are mechanical keyboards better for typing

Mechanical keyboards are used for many purposes like typing, programming, or gaming. Mechanical keyboards give you an extra edge over any other keyboard in terms of performance and durability. Hence, you can use it for typing.  So, Are mechanical keyboards better for typing? Tying feels easy and accurate with mechanical keyboards. Typing is faster, too, … Read more

Are Nylon Braided Cables Better? (+ More Durable)

are nylon braided cables better and more durable

We see braiding or covering as protection in all the wires and equipment we use daily as a computer peripheral or accessories. The wires of the connectors with USB port, the wires of the chargers, and others get easily damaged by wire and tear. To protect them, a proper coating of protection is essential. The … Read more

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It? (Know this FIRST!)

are mechanical keyboards worth it

Mechanical Keyboards are a premium option to choose from as compared to membrane or rubber dome keyboards. Before I upgraded to a mechanical keyboard from a membrane keyboard, I thought if a mechanical keyboard was worth it or not. So, are mechanical keyboards worth it? Mechanical Keyboards are worth the quality and durability it provides. … Read more

What is Mecha-Membrane? (by Razer)


Keyboards for gamers are ever demanding. Competitive gamers strive to get the max performance out of their keyboard to get an added advantage. Razer came with the innovative technology with Mecha membrane keyboard technology to make gaming keyboards better than ever. Razer is a popular and trusted brand for manufacturing high-quality gaming accessories, especially for … Read more

How Long Do Corsair Keyboards Last? (Know This FIRST!)

how long do corsair keyboards last

Keyboards are an essential peripheral with every desktop or laptop. When choosing a good keyboard, often Corsair products come to our mind. Corsair is the brand for computer parts like keyboards, Streaming Gears, and PC Components, and especially the quality of the products they manufacture is value for money. Corsair keyboards come with the highly durable … Read more

How Long Do Membrane Keyboards Last? (Know This FIRST!)

membrane keyboard lifespan

We use keyboards for various day-to-day tasks like typing, programming, gaming, copyrighting, and many simple tasks like searching over the internet.  The keyboards that we find commonly as a low-budget option are the membrane Keyboards. Membrane keyboards are popular globally and are used widely. I have used several membrane keyboards since my school days, and … Read more

Are Mechanical Keyboards Waterproof? (Know This FIRST!)

are mechanical keyboard waterproof

After using my mechanical keyboard for a long time, my keyboard was filled with dust. I wanted to clean my keyboard. So, I wanted to know if the mechanical keyboards are even waterproof or water-resistant. It would help me choose the cleaning process and material. After researching a lot, I got a guide regarding properly cleaning … Read more

How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last? (Must KNOW!)

how long do mechanical keyboards last

When I was looking for my first mechanical keyboard to purchase, I was thinking, how long will my mechanical keyboard last? After researching a lot and getting convinced about their lifespan, I chose the MK Invader Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Red Gear. So, how long do mechanical keyboards last? Mechanical keyboards last for … Read more

Are mechanical keyboards loud?


Mechanical keyboards are expensive enough to buy as compared to non-mechanical keyboards. You might be thinking if the mechanical keyboards are loud or not before choosing one for your work or gaming. So, Are mechanical keyboards loud? Mechanical Keyboards with Clicky switches are loud and noisy. However, mechanical keyboards with tactile switches sound moderate, and … Read more

Logitech G304 VS G305:Are There Any DIFFERENCES?


Logitech G304 and G305 are similar mouse offerings from Logitech, of which I was curious to find the difference. Logitech G-Series is the Gaming series of Logitech mice and is crafted exceptionally well for Gaming performance. The G304 and G305 are the colored high-performance mouse from Logitech Gaming and have the Logitech HERO Sensor technology … Read more