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Discovery Plus not Working on Samsung TV (Reasons+FIX!)

There can be several reasons behind the discovery plus app not working on your Samsung TV. We are going to talk about certain and most common reasons. Don’t forget to check the quick fixes too.

Discovery Plus not Working on Samsung TV

Let’s get started knowing the reasons first and then explore the different issues and their solution!

Is Discovery Plus compatible with Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Discovery Plus is compatible with all Samsung Smart TVs from 2017 or later equipped with Samsung Tizen OS. 

For older versions, the only solution is to connect a streaming streak with the TV. 

Why is Discovery Plus not Working on Samsung TV?

Discovery Plus is not working on Samsung TV due to multiple reasons like low internet connection, outdated firmware or app, overloaded cache, geo-restrictions, expired subscriptions, and more. 

Discovery Plus App Image from Google Play store

These problems can be fixed by performing the right steps mentioned above.  

1. Samsung TV is Not Compatible

If all your efforts of playing discovery Plus on Samsung TV have gone in vain, the reason could be your Samsung TV. Chances are high that your smart TV is not compatible with discovery plus content. 

The Samsung TV from 2017 or later versions only goes well for Discovery Plus. The best solution is to purchase a new TV with the latest model. 

Here is the solution:

If you are strict on budget, you can go with the affordable option which is connecting a streaming stick. Both Roku and Fire TV sticks are good as they have major streaming apps. 

You can also use Airplay to cast from Apple devices.

2. Geo-Restrictions

When people use VPN or virtual private network service which keeps their online activities safe. VPN prevents third parties from tracking internet activities and stealing data. 

To solve this issue here is the FIX:

You need a VPN.

However, some apps and sites don’t allow VPN user to access their content. If you find yourself using a VPN network, turn it off and then try again. 

The Discovery Plus app works well in the US Canada Brazil and a few other parts of Asia and Europe. 

If you do not come under this region then you may not view its content. In this case, you can try using a VPN network. 

3. Discovery Plus Server Is Down 

Crashing of Discovery Plus, being unable to log in, a black screen, and more are some symptoms of the down server. 

They are not very frequent but are a general issue with Discovery Plus. 

Here is the Fix:

In most cases, their support team informs about this on their social media platforms. Keep checking the updates to know if the issue has been resolved. You can also check whether the server is down or not by using an online tool like Down Detector. 

The problem can be local or global. 

Discovery Plus Not Downloading Or Loading Fix

The first and foremost method to try to fix Discovery plus not downloading or loading is a power reset. Simply turn off your Samsung Smart TV and remove the cords from the wall socket. Turn it on again after 60 seconds. 

Video Isn’t Playing on Discovery Plus App Fix 

You have successfully downloaded the Discovery Plus app but are still unable to play a video. No matter how hard you try, the screen remains stuck. 

It may be your internet connection to blame. You need 1.5 Mbps speed for watching video content. 

Anything lower than that may cause trouble like buffering or a completely paused screen. Additionally, high-quality videos like SD and HD would require 2.5 and 4 MBPS speed respectively to play. 

Hence, make sure your router is giving a sufficient internet speed to stream your videos. 

You can easily determine your internet speed by finding a speed tester online and let it run on your device. If the speed is okay and you’re still having the problem, then you can try these…

  • Check if there are too many interferences. Sometimes too many walls between your router and Samsung TV can cause interruption. Remove one or two devices linked with the router. 
  • Contact your internet provider. They will fix the network problems or tell you to go for an upgrade.
  • Restart your router by unplugging the power cable and then plug it back. Wait for a while until the modem and router boots up. Do this every once in a month. 
  • Prefer a wired connection.

Black or Frozen Screen While Watching Video on Discovery Plus App Fix 

While watching a video on the Discovery Plus app, you may come across a frozen screen or black screen. Both are different cases. 

These problems disappear after a few minutes and the video starts playing again. However, sometimes the issues persist for a longer time. 

One way to solve this problem is to reset the smart how button. For doing this, head to the section “Samsung TV Discovery plus not working”. 

Then keep following the steps coming on the screen one by one. This will reset the Smart Hub.

If this Smart Hub trick does not work, another way to fix it is a software update. 

Generally, Samsung TVs automatically update but you can still force a firmware update manually. 

If your current Samsung voice software is outdated, you can run a software update by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to the settings.
  • Click on the Support Tab.
  • Then find Software Update.
  • Tap on the Update Now option.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete downloading.
  • Once it is done, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

Discovery Plus App is Not Working Fix

The Discovery Plus app stops working on some Samsung televisions even though the internet connection is excellent. 

You can fix this issue at home by trying the tips below.

1. Reinstall the Discovery app

You might have tried this formula for other apps and have seen a good response. It works for most apps out there. 

  • First, delete the discovery app in the home button. 
  • Then click on Apps > Settings > Discovery App > Delete. Confirm it on the popup option to complete the process. 
  • Now we install the discovery Plus app by going to the home button again. 
  • Click on Apps appearing on the on-screen menu. 
  • Find the search icon and type Discovery+. It will show you the Discovery Plus app. 
  • Click on the install button to reinstall. 

You will have to enter login details to start the app again. 

Use another device

If you have tried everything and still can’t enjoy Discovery plus content on your TV then switch to another device. You can also try playing the content on your phone. 

If the videos are working on all devices except your TV then contact Samsung support and talk about your issue. 

Moreover, if you can’t play the videos on any of your devices, then you should check the Discovery + account and server.

2. Clear app cache

Just like you clear cookies in an internet browser, can clear the app cache to make it work better. 

This will solve maximum app glitches. Find and click the home button on your TV remote. Head to Settings and then click the Apps tab. Go to system apps and find the Discovery Plus app. Click on it then click Clear Cache. 

Finally, press the okay button to confirm the process. 

Here’s an alternative method. Go to the settings through your remote controller button. 

Select the Support Tab and then the Self Diagnosis tab. Now scroll down to find the TV device manager and click it. The page will show options like Memory Boost,  Clean Running Apps, and Manage Storage. 

Type on the Clean Now button. This will improve the overall performance of the app but the cache is still not cleared. 

To do this, go to Show App list > View Details > Clear Cache. You can do this once in a month. 

Wrapping Up the Fixes

As we came across different issues of the Discovery Plus App, we learned about the solutions, but most commonly you can solve any issue by:

  1. Power Reseting your TV
  2. Doing Factory Reset
  3. Checking Wifi connection

Finally, you can try using any of the casting methods using Airplay, Chromecast, and any other alternative methods.

I hope this was helpful to you. You can mail us at to let us know which method worked out for you or suggest any other that worked for you.