What is Gasket Mounted Keyboard? (Definitive GUIDE!)

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If you are a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, then building a mechanical keyboard and assembling the different DIY kits from scratch can be amazing and fun.

We often skip the keyboard mounting styles as they can help in getting your desired keyboard typing feel.

Though several mounting styles are popular, in this post I would talk about one of my favorite mounting styles which is a gasket mount.

Gasket Mounted Keyboard

Let’s get started!

What is a Gasket Mounted Keyboard?

Gasket Mounted keyboard is a type of keyboard that has Gasket Mounting(where a rubbery elastic type material(gasket) is placed in between the keyboard case and the plate).

The PCB is placed below the plate.

This rubbery elastic material used for this type of mounting is known as a Gasket. Hence this keyboard mounting style got its name, Gasket Mount.

Gasket Mount is a unique mounting style that applies pressure in holding your plate rather than it being directly attached, which differentiates the gasket mount from other mounting styles in terms of their look and experience when being used.

The rubber(known as Gaskets) enables the plate to remain stable and prevents the plate from having contact with the keyboard’s case.

What are Gaskets in mechanical keyboards?

Gaskets are rubbery materials used for various purposes as a dampener or sound absorbers. In the case of mechanical keyboards, Gaskets can be used in different forms like O-rings that help to eliminate noise.

You can use them to form Gasket Mount for your mechanical keyboard.

How Does a Gasket Mount Feel?

Gasket Mounted keyboards are designed to provide a more comfortable typing experience. Compared to standard keyboard setups, a Gasket Mounted keyboard has a more padded and generally softer feel. 

This is due to the rubber substance that is used to hold the keyboard plate in place, which gives the keyboard a Gasket Mounted keyboard its name.

Rubber pieces are attached to the top, bottom, and in between the plate of the gasket mount. This ensures that the keyboard is completely encased in rubber.

The operation of the keys produces less of a clacking sound since the rubber absorbs some of the vibrations.

Pros and Cons of Gasket Mount in Keyboards

Gasket Mounted Keyboards have both pros and cons to consider. I would discuss them below:


1. Less Noisy:

The Gasket Material absorbs the vibrations of the keyboard clicks and reduces the click noise out of the mechanical keyboard. It can be said that it acts as a dampener.

2. Stable and Dampened Clicks

The Gasket Material holds the Plate quite well and comes in between the contact of the plate and the keyboard case.

So, it avoids any noise that otherwise the direct contact between plate and case might have made.

Also, eliminates any shaking between plate and case. Hence, it keeps the keyboard stable.


  • The Gasket Mount option is not available for most of the popular keyboards.
  • They are more expensive than other types of mounted keyboards.

Top Mount Vs Gasket Mount

Top-mounted keyboards offer a standard layout and feel to their users. In contrast to gasket-mounted keyboards, top-mounted keyboards have the keyboard plate linked to the top frame rather than the bottom. 

Top MountMount secures the plating to the keyboard frame with screws, while the gasket mount uses top and bottom rubber gaskets to do the same thing.

Gasket Mounted keyboards are more comfortable to type on, but top-mounted keyboards are more audible because of their lack of rubber.

Are Gasket Mounted Keyboards Better?

To address your question, yes, gasket-mounted keyboards are superior. Keyboards that are gasket-

mounted offer a superior user experience since the rubber substance used in their construction keeps the keys pliable and smooth.

When you press down on the keycaps, you will experience less noise and a gentler feeling. 

The gasket-mounted keyboard can also prevent tiny dirt particles from going into the keyboard, which helps prevent any future keyboard-related troubles you might have due to having a filthy keyboard.

Are Gasket Mounted keyboards quieter?

Gasket-mounted keyboards are much quieter than any other type of mounted keyboard.

The rubber gaskets sit in between the keyboard case and the plate making the keyboard noise to be quieter.

So, you get much-dampened noise from the switches and hear less of the rattling of mechanical switches.

Can You Gasket Mount a Top Mount Keyboard?

Again, it is possible to gasket install a top-mount keyboard.

However, it may be pretty challenging to carry out because you will need to check that the gasket is correctly aligned with the keycaps before you begin.

Is a Gasket Mount Suitable for Gaming?

Using gasket mounts is suitable for video games. If you game frequently or work in dirty or dusty conditions, your keyboard may wear out prematurely; the gasket mount can help protect it from these hazards.

The quality of your game experience could be compromised if these issues arise.

With the gasket mount and rubber substance, your gaming experience will be improved by a quieter, less clacking keyboard and a softer feel on the keycaps.

As a result of the reduced noise level, some gamers have reported being able to concentrate on their games more thoroughly when using gasket-mounted keyboards.


Let’s conclude the post on Gasket Mount Keyboard!

This type of keyboard mount can be helpful to you if you like a dampened sound and don’t like much noise from your keyboard.

Also, if you are a heavy user, it can be great as you will also get a stable feel holding the Gasket mount keyboard.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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