Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red: Differences(What’s Better?)

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When choosing a linear keyboard switch, there are many brands and options to choose from.

Out of all the different types of keyboard switches, if you are considering looking at the Gateron linear lineup, Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red are two of the most popular options. So, which one is better? 

The Gateron Red switches feel lighter than Gateron Yellows. Gateron Reds have a lower actuation force of 45g than the Yellow Gaterons, requiring a 50g force to actuate. 

The Red Gateron switch may be a good choice for people new to mechanical keyboards or for people who prefer a smooth and light keystroke.

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Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red

This article will compare and contrast the Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red switches and help you decide which one is the best for you.

Let’s get started!

Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red Comparison Table

Gateron YellowGateron Red
Switch TypeLinearLinear
Actuation Force50g45g
Sound LevelQuiet Quiet
Pre Travel Distance2mm2mm
Total Travel Distance4mm4mm
Factory LubedYesYes

Gateron Yellow Review

The Gateron Yellow is a linear, 50g actuation keyboard switch. It has a very smooth feel and a relatively quiet sound, and it is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-noise keyboard switch.

They are made to be as close to Cherry MX switches as possible while being cheaper to produce.

The switch has a smooth travel and feels light to press. The actuation force is consistent from beginning to end, which makes it a good choice for gaming.

Some people might find the lack of tactile feedback unsatisfying, but I find it pleasant to type on. 

The switch comes pre-lubed out of the box from the factory, which makes it even smoother and does not have any scratchiness in clicks.

It is a good choice to have this switch under budget price, and this switch is perfect for those who want a fast and fluid typing experience.

Gateron Yellow Switches
Gateron Yellows are linear Gaterons with 50g actuation and have faster and smoother clicks.

Good one to look for typing and gaming!

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Gateron Red Review

Gateron Red is a new switch from Gateron, their first linear switch. They are manufactured by Gateron, a company based in China.

The switches are considered a “budget” switch, as they are less expensive than many other brands available.

It is a linear switch, much like Cherry MX Red. It is a switch designed for those who want a linear switch, perfect for typing.

This switch does not have a bump and is very smooth. If you’re looking for a light and smooth linear switch, this is the switch for you.

The Gateron switches are also designed with a clear stem, allowing the LED inside to shine through the keycap.

Gateron Reds are a popular choice for people looking for an MX switch alternative.

Gateron red switches are a new low-cost switch option that provides a good typing experience at an affordable price.

Overall, Gateron red switches are an excellent option for an affordable switch with a decent typing experience.

Gateron Red Switches
Gateron Reds are linear Gaterons with 45g actuation, faster and smoother clicks. Best for linear switch lovers!

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Build Quality

In the build quality, both are almost the same, and they have the same height and travel distance.

They have similar Housing for Yellow and Red switches regarding housing build quality. These switches can be actuated over 50 million times which is good.

Switch Design

The keyboard switch design is important because it determines how comfortable and easy a keyboard is.

Good switch design can make typing a joy, resulting in fewer errors and improved productivity.

Here is the switch design comparison, including each Gateron Yellow and Red build part.

Switch Stem

The only differences are the color of the stem. 


However, only the spring is slightly bigger in the Gateron Yellow as compared to the Gateron Reds.

Overall Design

Design-wise, the Gateron Yellow switch, and Gateron Red switch are almost identical. 

Stability Differences

There are slight stability differences between Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red. 

The slider wobbles in the Gateron Clear housing while actuating. You will find a slight wobble in both the Yellow and Red switches of Gateron.

If this is not manageable, you can add films to make them more stable.

Switch Feel

For a mechanical switch knowing how the switch feels is critical. As the Gateron Red and Yellow are linear switches, their feel is similar to a regular linear switch like Cherry MX red.

The Gateron Red and Yellow feel similar, and they have fast and smooth actuations which you will enjoy using regularly.

Clicking Sound Of Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red

Linear switches generally have very low noise clicks, and the Gateron Reds are silent when you click. Even if you play games, you will not notice any sound coming from the clicks.

Similarly, the Gateron Yellow does not have a difference in terms of Sound. The Yellow Gateron Switches sound silent like the Red Gaterons.

If you love the low-sounding linear switches, you will like these colors of Gaterons.

None of these switches have any scratchiness with clicks. So, you will enjoy a smooth and fast click every time with these Gateron switches.

Typing Experience

Typing is a fundamental task that we all do with a keyboard. Using a linear switch during typing can make clicks faster, snappier, and without adding any noticeable sound.

It will not distract you from doing your work.

Gateron Red feels light to actuate and works very fast while typing. Every click works smoothly, and your finger glides easily through your mechanical keyboard.

The Gateron Yellows are great to click too. For typing, they feel light too, but still, a little stiffer compared to the Gateron Reds, and you will not notice much stiffness as you get used to it regularly.

Overall, even if you are looking for Gateron Yellow and Red for typing, it will impress you with the performance.

Gaming Experience

It is well known that linear switches are excellent for gaming purposes. With these linear Gateron colors, Red and Yellow, you will get the best gaming experience.

You get RGB color support from these Gateron switches as they come with transparent Housing to emit the RGB LED colors to make your keyboard look beautiful.

During Gaming, the Gateron Reds feel less stiff than the Gateron Yellows. However, in terms of Smoothness, Faster clicks, there are no compromises in any of them.

You can choose Gateron Reds to take your Gaming to the next level at a very budget-friendlier price.

Which is better between Gateron Yellow and Red?

Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red are both awesome switches from Gateron. 

After testing these switches, I found that the Gateron Reds have a slightly lighter touch, making them a good choice for people who want to minimize finger fatigue. I prefer having the lowest actuation when I consider a Linear type switch.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you’re not sure which switch is right for you, try out the Gateron Red.

Gateron Red Switches
Gateron Reds are linear Gaterons with 45g actuation, faster and smoother clicks.

Best for linear switch lovers!

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Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red FAQs

Q. Is Gateron Yellow heavier than Gateron Red?

Ans. Yes, Gateron Yellow is heavier than Gateron Red. They have an actuation of 50g compared to 45g for Gateron Red.

Q. Are Gateron Reds better than Cherry MX?

Ans. No, the Gateron Reds are Cherry Clones, and they are not better than the Cherry MX switches, and they are suitable for budget buyers.

Q. Are Gateron Yellows RGB compatible?

Ans. Gateron Yellows have transparent Housing, and hence they are RGB-compatible.

Q. Are Gateron Yellows quieter than Gateron Reds?

Ans. Both the Gateron Yellow and Red switches are quiet, and they sound the same.


Let’s conclude the post on comparing Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red!

Both switches are great for gaming and typing, but the Red switch may be better for people who are new to mechanical keyboards and who like lighter switches.

If you are looking for a stiffer switch with a heavier touch, Gateron Yellow switches are the better choice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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