How to fix ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ issue in Minecraft?

If you face the issue of https aka ms remoteconnect not working, you need not worry. In this blog, I will help you to fix this issue quickly.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world. It offers the freedom to create whatever you want in limitless virtual worlds. You can play in any way you want, alone or with others, by yourself or collaboratively with others. 

Let’s get started!

What is aka MS Remoteconnect Minecraft? remoteconnect is a feature using which users can play Minecraft gaming across different Cross Platform devices like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and even smartphones.

The needs a Microsoft Account, and you can connect using the code in Microsoft to connect and play Minecraft.

Why did the Error occur? Remoteconnect is an excellent feature for Minecraft gamers, and this error is expected that you already have seen.

The main causes of the Error are:

1. Having Corrupt Game Data

Your game data in Minecraft may have been corrupted, which is one of the significant causes for showing this error.

2. Not having a proper setup

3. Already Signed in to another device

Fix for ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ issue in Minecraft

Here are the fixes that would quickly solve the issue for remote connect not working in Minecraft:

1. Use Microsoft sign-in code from Minecraft

You can easily log in with the Microsoft sign-in code in Minecraft. You can follow the steps as below:

  1. Launch the Minecraft game
  2. Click on the Sign-in Access Multiplayer option, and there you will find an option that helps to Link your Microsoft account.
  3. Click on the link to your Microsoft account, and you will receive an 8 digit code which you will use in the next step.
  4. Then open the website on another system, and there would be a placeholder where you can enter the code you found on the previous step.
  5. Click on the next bottom and follow the prompts to connect the device using Remote Connect.
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If you see any error for the remoteconnect code, you can again open a fresh Microsoft account to generate a new code that you can use again to use 

Most of the time, the issue will be solved by this step. If you still face the Remote Connect error, then continue the steps below.

2. Restart your device

Several times may occur as a glitch, and you can fix it quickly by restarting the device. A simple restart can fix the remoteconnect not working issue for your Minecraft gameplay

3. Make sure the account isn’t being used on another device.

We often see the error, and we have a Minecraft account logged in to another device.

4. Delete Minecraft saved game data

Your old saved data, i.e. your old gameplay data, might have got corrupted. It is better to try once deleting the Minecraft saved data of your game and again using the code to log in.

5. Logout and reinstall

If you have followed the above steps and are still facing the remoteconnect issue in Minecraft, then you can try this step. You need to log out and then uninstall the app. Then again, reinstall the app and check if it solves the issue.

Most of the time, a logout and reinstall solve the not working issue.

How to fix not working on PS4?

If you are using a PS4 device, you can quickly fix the issue and make it work. You can open the game and log in using the Microsoft account 8 digit code. Then follow the instructions to start playing Minecraft on PS4.

You can even try creating the code with another new Microsoft account if the previous account’s 8 digit code didn’t work. Another way is to reinstall the Minecraft and log in again.

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How to fix not working on Switch?

You can play Minecraft well on your Nintendo Switch, and you can use the without any issues if you see the Remote Connect error while entering the Microsoft code. 

Then you can try logging out and repeat logging in using the 8 digit code. This will solve the problem in the case of Nintendo Switch, and you will be able to enjoy playing Minecraft.

FAQs on https aka ms remoteconnect not working

Q: How do you enter codes on Aka Remoteconnect?

Ans: To play Minecraft on your computer you need to sign in with a Microsoft account. To do this you need to go to the Minecraft game home screen and click on ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account’. Then you will see an 8-digit code on your screen. You can then go to a website that will ask you to enter that code. Once you enter the code you will be able to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Q: Is aka ms Remoteconnect?

Ans: The is actually a way to play Minecraft on Cross Platform devices using your Microsoft login code. It is not like the Remote connect in case of remote desktop.

Q: Is the Aka MS Remoteconnect Website Safe to Use?

Ans: Yes, is a safe website to visit. Though the looks like a shortened url, it redirects to the microsoft page( while you enter the code. Hence, can be considered safe.


Let’s conclude the post on not working issue fix.

This error seems to get fixed and does not come repeating itself often. If you see this again after several days, you can try the steps again. So, it is better to keep this bookmarked to get this handy when you need it.

I hope this post was helpful, and the issue is fixed as of now.

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