LG TV Ethernet Port Speed (+Tips to Improve Ethernet Speed)

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If you have an LG TV in your home you may have found that 4k streaming over Wi-Fi is not reliable as it keeps buffering often. In that case, the wired connection connecting with the LG TVs’ ethernet port is often found much more reliable and good for streaming higher-quality content.

But, before planning for a wired connection with my LG TV, I was curious whether it would be better, and how would its speed be as I was thinking how beneficial it was to go wired rather than choosing wireless which earlier seemed more convenient to me.

Later, using the Ethernet Port connectivity, I was pretty amazed and then I decided to write this guide so that it helps others too.

LG TV Ethernet Port Speed

In this post, I covered in detail LG TVs Ethernet Port Speeds, whether Ethernet cable is faster than Wifi, factors that can affect Ethernet port speed on your LG TV, and finally I provided tips to improve the Ethernet port speed even faster.

Let’s get started!

Average LG TV Ethernet Port Speed

The Ethernet port speed on LG TVs refers to the speed at which data can be transmitted over the Ethernet connection. The Ethernet port on LG TVs is used to connect the TV to the internet, allowing access to online content and services such as streaming video, online gaming, and web browsing.

The most widely used standard for Local Area Network(LAN) cabling to plug into the LG TV is the Ethernet port. Currently, the specified transmission rate of Ethernet port speed is 400Gbps but it allows transmission with a maximum speed of 40 GBps.

If you have older LG TV versions like LG C1, you will get internet speeds up to 50-55Mbps on Ethernet.

You may get higher internet speed on modern LG TV versions.

Your connections may be slow with an Ethernet cable if it’s damaged and not the right type. Even if your Ethernet switch box goes bad the cable will slow the connection.

For all sedentary devices like 4K Ultra HD TVs, network media players, video game consoles, PCs, etc, the confident guide is to use an Ethernet cable connection or a PCL connection.

LG TVs have an Ethernet port where you can connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the LAN port on your LG Smart TV and the other to an open LAN port on your wifi network router.

Scroll to access the Home menu by pressing the SMART button on your LG remote. 

To have knowledge of the current Internet Speed for your LG TV, access the TV’s web browser and type in: https://speedtest.net. Apps like YouTube can also run within the Internet speed for specific apps. 

Average Speed of Smart TVs Ethernet speed

A minimum of 2 MBps or 5MBps or more for instant loading time is required to browse the web on your Smart TV.  A Speed of 10 MBps or higher is needed to download music. This won’t keep you waiting for long to download and play your favorite album.

To stream content on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, you need 15-25 MBps.Perhaps 30 MBps shall serve you fast enough to stream videos from standard to 4K HD definition. A speed of 25 MBps will facilitate streaming 2 devices at the same time, surfing the web, and checking mail.

50 – 100 MBps allows the stream in HD and so on. With approximately  30 – 40 MBps you can use 3 smartphones, a laptop, and a TV connected to the wifi while you can stream 4K contents on your Laptop on TV. However, a good internet speed is around 25 and 100 MBps.

For household purposes with few people using the same connection, a 300 MBps internet download is sufficient. Adequate internet speed serves various uses from online gaming, streaming, and general browsing.

A minimum speed of 3 MBps is required for standard streaming on Netflix. You need a speed of 5 MBps for HD though. 15MBps is needed for Ultra HD while you need to get a speed of 25 MBps for  Netflix and Amazon Prime video to avoid buffering. You can technically stream 24 hours continuously on Netflix with the 600 MBps Megapack.

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Do LG TVs have Gigabit Ethernet?

By using a USB to Ether adaptor you can add additional functionality to your TV like gigabit networking. You can check out if your LG TV has a Gigabit Ethernet,  you need to go to Device Manager and go to the properties of your network card. Find the Speed & Duplex setting in the Advanced Lab. “Auto Negotiation” is considered as its value while the list of speeds that the card can support is there in the dropdown. Your card supports Gigabit if you find 1 GBps in the list.

Mostly an incompatible cable is one with bandwidth greater than 100 MBps. A damaged cable, modem, or router and interference on outdated firmware could also be some common reasons for poor connection.

Gigabit routers are very popular with all three cables working with Gigabit Ethernet although they are labeled differently and are different inside where it counts.

Is Ethernet cable faster than Wifi?

An Ethernet connection provides greater reliability and security, it is faster than a wifi-connection. Even though a wifi connection transmits data through wireless signals and does not need cables to access connections they are not faster than Ethernet connections.

The speed is faster reaching 10 GBps or higher while for wifi it maxes out at 6.9 GBps with a slower speed which is actually less than 1 GBps.

An Ethernet network is secured as the data on it is accessed by attaching a device to a network. Contrarily, wifi networks can easily be interrupted as it travels through the air.

Ethernet connections perform better with lower latency and faster data transfer while uploading large files, streaming video, or working with bandwidth-hungry applications.

How do I check my internet speed on my LG TV?

To check your internet speed on your LG TV, you have to access the TV’s web browser and type in https://speedtest.net. It is quite common to get in situations where the connection slows, the show stops or receives a no network connection message while you are streaming on your television.

You need to open the menu using your LG TV remote and navigate to the web browser to check the internet speed of an LG TV.

You can initiate a speed test. By locating the video info screen after opening the settings of specific apps, you can reveal the Internet speed. This gives you information on the current connection speed. If you still have queries about your internet speed you can contact LG to get personal assistance.

Factors that can affect Ethernet port speed on LG TVs

The Ethernet port on an LG TV plays a crucial role in connecting the TV to the internet and allowing access to online content and services.

However, the speed of the Ethernet port can be affected by several factors as mentioned below:

  • Internet Connection Speed: If the internet connection is slow, the Ethernet port speed will also be slow. This can be caused by issues with the internet service provider or problems with the router or other networking equipment.
  • Quality of the Ethernet Cable: Using a high-quality, shielded Ethernet cable can help ensure that the signal is transmitted clearly and without interference, leading to faster speeds.
  • Performance of the router: If the router is outdated or not capable of handling the demands of multiple devices, it may not be able to deliver the fast speeds that the Ethernet port is capable of.
  • Other Factors: The other factors include the age and model of the TV, the number of devices connected to the network, and the presence of network congestion. Ensuring that the TV is up to date and that there are not too many devices competing for bandwidth can help improve Ethernet port speed.

Tips for improving Ethernet port speed on LG TVs

There are several steps that can be taken to improve the Ethernet port speed on an LG TV. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Use a high-quality Ethernet cable: Using a high-quality, shielded Ethernet cable can help ensure that the signal is transmitted clearly and without interference, leading to faster speeds.
  2. Optimize the TV’s network settings: Adjusting the TV’s network settings, such as turning off any unnecessary features or services, can help improve Ethernet port speed.
  3. Upgrade the Router: If the router is outdated or not capable of handling the demands of multiple devices, upgrade to a dual-band router. Also, check whether the router has Gigabit Ethernet support.
  4. Upgrade the internet connection: Try getting an Optic fiber connection and then get a connection using a high-quality Ethernet cable.
  5. Minimize the number of devices connected to the network: Having too many devices connected to the same network can cause congestion and slow down speeds. Disconnecting unnecessary devices or setting up a separate network for high-bandwidth activities can help improve Ethernet port speed.


Let’s conclude the post on knowing the LG TVs’ ethernet speed, checking it, and tips to optimize it to get the fastest connectivity possible!

If you still face any slower internet speed try calling your internet service provider to help you.

I hope you liked reading this post and found this helpful.

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