Logitech M331 vs M330-Which one is right for you?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Choosing a mouse can be daunting because there are so many options out there in wireless mice.

You may also want something that is cordless, has specific features or is compatible with your software package and even with silent clicks. But what about the Logitech M331 vs M330?

If you’re looking for an affordable wireless mouse with Silent clicks, then these two models might just be perfect for you!

Let’s take a look at some of their similarities and differences to help make this decision easier.

Logitech M331 vs M330

Logitech M331Logitech M330
DesignThe curved design is suitable for Right-hand usageThe curved design is suitable for Right-hand usage
Type of MouseSilent Wireless mouseSilent Wireless Mouse
ConnectivityWireless with 2.4 GHz ReceiverWireless with 2.4 GHz Receiver
Bluetooth SupportNoNo
Weight91g including AA battery91g including AA battery
Dimension(Height*Width*Depth)105.4 mm*67.9 mm*38.4 mm105.4 mm*67.9 mm*38.4 mm
Battery Life24 Months (with 1 AA battery included)24 months (with 1 AA battery included)
Source: Official Logitech M330, M331
Logitech M331 vs m330

Design Comparison

Both the mouse, M331 and M330 are curved designs and are suitable for right-handed usage. The design has a curved shape on the left side, so you will get a great ergonomic feel holding the mouse.

The texture on the sides are great and I liked it very much to grip the mouse.

Logitech M331 Review
This is picture of the red colour M331 mouse which I use

Wireless Connectivity

Both the mouse connects wirelessly using the 2.4 Ghz wireless receiver. This wireless receiver connects up to 10 m (33ft) which is great.

You would not see any disconnect even if you use it for long hours and the connection is very much stable.

Logitech M331 Review

Logitech M331 is a great option for those who want a wireless mouse that is affordable, reliable and easy to use. It’s also great for gamers or anyone looking for long battery life without the need of changing batteries every few hours.

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The Logitech M331 is a comfortable fit in your hand with its ergonomic design while at the same time having an attractive look. The sides are made of a rubberized material, which makes it easier to grip.

For those who want a more precise movement while playing games or if you just like the smoother feel when scrolling up and down on your desktop, this mouse allows for precision control with an optical sensor.

The Logitech M331 has a battery life of 24 months because it operates using one AA battery that will last as long as three standard AAA batteries would. Also, this is because of the Auto Power-saving mode in the mouse.

It’s also lightweight at 91 grams.

The clicks are silent and won’t annoy you. This mouse is great if you also work late at night when you need even the clicks to be silent.

In this video, you would get the real feel of the Logitech M331 silent plus wireless mouse with an in-depth specifications review.

If you want to know more about Logitech M331 you may Read the full Logitech M331 review.

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Logitech M330 Review

Logitech M330 wireless mouse is the number one choice for most gamers, because it offers a fast and accurate response time with an optical sensor.

The Logitech M330 is also lightweight at 91 grams so you can play without feeling hindered or drag on your desk while playing games.

The battery life of 24 months means that you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries again. All these features combined make this mouse an easy choice for anyone looking for a wireless gaming mouse!

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This mouse has a power-saving mode that would automatically turn of after a period of inactivity and save the battery life of the mouse.

The Logitech M330 is a lightweight and comfortable option for long periods of use such as gaming or work.

The wireless connectivity works flawlessly with a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver with a range of 10m. You can easily plug and play the device to your desktop or laptop and use that.

In this video, you will find the in-depth specification. Also, you will get the real feel of the mouse.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse – Enjoy Same Click Feel with 90% Less Click Noise, 2 Year Battery Life, Ergonomic Right-Hand Shape for Computers and Laptops, USB Unifying Receiver, Black
  • ULTRA-QUIET MOUSE - 90% reduced click sound and...
  • QUIET MARK CERTIFICATION - Logitech is the first...
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE - Designed with contoured grips...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - 2 year battery life and...

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My View

Logitech M331 vs Logitech M330 – both are great products and is suitable for different people.

Both have amazing features to boost your productivity, give smoother clicks and overall a great experience in daily usage.

You can choose any one of these based on availability in your location.


Let’s conclude! Both the mouse are very similar in terms of design and specs. You will like to work with M331 and M330 if you would love to get mouse clicks to get silent.

I hope you found this article helpful in making your decision!