Sony TV Blink Codes (Red/Green/Orange GUIDE) 

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The Sony TV comes equipped with a standby light located in front of the TV. Once powered on, the standby light will appear red and will switch to green once the TV is on. However, there are instances where the standby light will blink in different colors such as red, green, or orange.

This post is dedicated to providing readers with information on the Sony TV blink codes, which are also known as error codes. We will delve into the codes for the Sony TV blink red light, green light, and orange light, and provide a troubleshooting guide to help resolve any issues with the Blinking standby light on your Sony Bravia TV.

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Sony TV Blink Codes

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Sony TV Blink Codes for Red Light

Here are the Sony TV Blink Codes for Red light in Tabular form:

Sl noBlinking Red light FrequencyIssue TypeCommon Issue Detail
1Sony TV Red Light Blinks 2 timesSystem ErrorInternal Power Supply Short Circuit Issue
2Sony TV Red Light Blinks 3 timesSystem ErrorThe issue in the TV Motherboard anywhere short in the circuit
3Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 timesSystem ErrorThe issue in the backlight inverter boards or power board
4Sony TV Red Light Blinks 5 timesSystem ErrorT-CON board issue
5Sony TV Red Light Blinks 6 timesSystem ErrorBacklight part of the main motherboard, inverter boards, or power board
6Sony TV Red Light Blinks 7 timesSystem ErrorWoofer Board Problem
7Sony TV Red Light Blinks 8 timesSystem ErrorShort in Resistor/Capacitor in the main board

The issues mentioned above are the common issues seen most of the time in these scenarios.

But any exception can happen to any specific Bravia Model and can be found out after analysis by a technician.

Sony TV Red light Blinking Issue Overview

The Red light in the Sony Bravia TV is the default light when you turn on the TV power from the power socket but not yet turned on the TV.

If you are trying to turn your TV on and see a Sony TV Blinking Red light, it signifies an issue with the TV and needs service.

A Red light blink issue is mostly tied up with a System Error ie. TV hardware issues like the main board issue, power board issue, backlight issue, and any other circuit component issue within the TV. It might also happen that some capacitors within the circuit got burnt up and that is causing the issue.

You cannot ensure the exact issue from outside without getting to a TV technician to find out the exact issue.

To ease it, Sony TV blinks red light at a different frequency and helps to understand the cause of the issue.

Though we need to take the Sony TV for Repair, still it is good to consider troubleshooting it beforehand.

Troubleshooting steps for Sony TV Blinking Red Light

Here are the troubleshooting steps to fix your Sony TV blinking Red light:

Fix #1. Power Cycle your Sony TV

A power Cycle is one of the Effective fixes that you can use to solve this issue. 

This is a process where you turn the TV off and then back on again. It’s a simple solution, but it can often fix problems.

To perform the power cycle on your Sony TV properly here are the steps:

  1. First, disconnect the Sony Bravia TV from the Power Outlet and also from the extension cord if you use any,
  2. Next, unplug the power cord from the back of the TV and Disconnect any other connections connected to your TV,
  3. Keep it disconnected and turned off for 5 mins,
  4. Next before connecting any other equipment to the Bravia TV, plug the TV into the Power Outlet.
  5. Try turning the TV on.

Most of the time it solves this issue following this.

If doing the power cycle still you see that your Sony TV is showing Red light in Standby mode and is flashing on and off 6 times, then the next step is to factory reset your TV.

Fix #2. Factory Reset Your Sony TV

If you’ve been having trouble with your Sony TV, resetting it may help. This process will restore the TV to its factory default settings, which may solve any issues you’re experiencing. 

To do a factory Reset of your Sony TV, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Point the remote towards your TV and Hold on Up Arrow Button on the Remote
  • While Holding on to the Up Arrow button on the remote, press and release the Power button on the Sony TV located on the back of the TV.

Doing this properly resets your Bravia TV to the factory settings.

Fix #3. Checking the Power Supply

Many times due to a faulty power supply, the Red light starts blinking on the Sony Smart TV. 

You can try a different outlet or plug something else into the outlet to see if that fixes the problem. 

It can be also an issue due to the Power Supply part inside the back panel of the TV. You can take help from a technician as it is not recommended to open the TV back panel by yourself. 

Fix #4. Contact Sony Customer Support

This issue can be fixed by contacting Sony’s Official Customer Support.

The technicians will help you troubleshoot the TV and guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the problem. In most cases, it’s just a simple fix and doesn’t require a replacement of the TV.

Fix #5. Visit Nearest TV Repair Shop

The technicians at the TV repair shop will be able to determine the cause of the blinking red light and fix it accordingly.

In most cases, it’s a simple fix and doesn’t require any major repairs. 

However, if there is something wrong with your TV that can’t be easily fixed, the technicians will let you know and give you a quote for the necessary repairs.

 Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest TV repair shop. They’ll have it up and running again in no time!

Sony TV Blink Codes for Green  Light

Sony TV blinking Green light is not a hardware issue in most cases, so there are not any error codes associated with it.

However, still you need to know in detail so that you can troubleshoot why it is happening and solve that.

Sony TV Green Light Blinking Issue Overview

Sony TV blinking Green Light while turning on is normal. If it is not turning and continuously blinking Green light then there is an issue with the TV.

Generally, a Green Light blinking on the Sony TV is not to worry.

However, if you see the red light come back after blinking the green light and the TV does not turn on you need to troubleshoot and then take it to repair.

Troubleshooting steps for Sony TV Blinking Green Light

If your TV turns on after blinking the Greenlight then there are no issues at all. If your TV turns back to red light, then follow the troubleshooting steps for Sony TV blinking Red Light.

Sony TV Blink Codes for Orange Lights

Sony TV blinking orange light is not a system error or a hardware issue. It is at the software level and can be troubleshot easily.

Let’s know the Orange light issue and how to troubleshoot it.

Sony TV Orange Light Blinking Issue Overview

Sony TV Orange Light blinking issue is very commonly seen and can be considered as one of the most easily diagnosable ones.

Sony TV blinking Orange or Amber color light signifies a sleep timer or On/off timer has been set. It can also occur while Sony TV is receiving a Software Update.

Troubleshooting steps for Sony TV Blinking Orange Light

1. Checking the Timer Settings in the TV

Orange light blinking in Sony TV is caused due to the timer settings for Sleep Timer or On/Off timer. So fast we will turn off the sleep timer for on and off timer.

 one reason turned off if the standby light of your sanity was still drunk orange then we will look into the software update.

2. Completing current software updates

Then maybe an ongoing software update happening that is causing the Sony TV to blink the Orange light to check if there are any ongoing software updates and complete that to stop the scientific blinking Orange light. 


Let’s conclude the post on Sony TV blink codes!

Following the troubleshooting steps solves these most times unless the TV has any hardware issue. 

If you see the troubleshooting steps are not fixing the issue, then it is clear that it needs a technician visit and a thorough diagnosis of the circuit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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