Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 times? Know How to Fix It Easily

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If you are looking to know why your Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 times and fix it, then you are at the right place.

Red light blinking signifies an error signal that can point out any underlying issues in your TV according to the frequency of blinking in a Row.

In this post, I will explain the issue that is being caused by your Sony Bravia TV and how can you fix that easily in simple steps.

These steps would be as troubleshooting before you reach out to Sony Customer Support or a nearby TV repair shop.

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Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 times

Let’s get started!

Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 times

If Sony TV is showing Red Light Blinking 4 times, it indicates an issue in the backlight inverter boards or power boards. It can occur due to the issue in LED Driver Board or the Sony TVs’ main board. 

In this case, it needs proper analysis by a TV Repair Technician expert to find defects looking in the circuits. Proper troubleshooting by a technician using equipment like a Multimeter would help to know the exact issue in the circuit itself that is causing it. 

A TV technician would be able to check properly the grounding points, capacitors, and voltage measurements in different places on the main board, inverter board, and power board.

This would make it come to a conclusion whether it can be repaired or the particular board needs to be replaced.

Note the proper count of the Red Light blinking code on your Sony TV. It will help to properly detect the issue. 

Why is my Sony TV blinking Red light?

Red Light Blinking in standby mode is a feature that indicates there is an issue with the TV based on the number of times the Standby Red light Blinking.

The count of the Red Light flashing on and off can be anywhere between 2 to 8 times in a row depending on the issue.

It can be a shot inside the circuit component, burnt capacitor, backlight issue, etc.

Most of the Red light signals given on Sony TV signify a service is required.

If your Sony TV Red Light blinks 6 times, you can read this post written by me.

How to Fix Sony TV Red Light that Blinks 4 times?

If your Sony TV’s Red light keeps on blinking 4 times in a row, then you can follow the following troubleshooting steps below:

Fix #1. Power Cycle your Sony TV

Power Cycle is one of the Effective fixes that you can use to solve this issue. 

This is a process where you turn the TV off and then back on again. It’s a simple solution, but it can often fix problems.

 Power Cycle your Sony TV

To perform the power cycle on your Sony TV properly here are the steps:

  1. First, disconnect the Sony Bravia TV from the Power Outlet and also from the extension cord if you use any,
  2. Next, unplug the power cord from the back of the TV and Disconnect any other connections connected to your TV,
  3. Keep it disconnected and turned off for 5 mins,
  4. Next before connecting to any other equipment to the Bravia TV, plug the TV into the Power Outlet.
  5. Try turning the TV on.

Most of the time it solves this issue following this.

If doing the power cycle still you see that your Sony TV is showing Red light in Standby mode and is flashing on and off 6 times, then the next step is to factory reset your TV.

Fix #2. Factory Reset Your Sony TV

If you’ve been having trouble with your Sony TV, resetting it may help.

This process will restore the TV to its factory default settings, which may solve any issues you’re experiencing. 

Factory Reset Your Sony TV

To do a factory Reset of your Sony TV, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Point the remote towards your TV and Hold on Up Arrow Button on the Remote
  • While Holding on to the Up Arrow button on the remote, press and release the Power button on the Sony TV located on the back of the TV.

Doing this properly resets your Bravia TV to the factory settings.

Fix #3. Checking the Power Supply

Many times due to a faulty power supply, the Red light starts blinking on the Sony Smart TV. 

You can try a different outlet or plug something else into the outlet to see if that fixes the problem. 

Checking the Power Supply

It can be also an issue due to the Power Supply part inside the back panel of the TV. You can take help from a technician as it is not recommended to open the TV back panel by yourself. 

Fix #4. Contact Sony Customer Support

This issue can be fixed by contacting Sony’s Official Customer Support.

The technicians will help you troubleshoot the TV and guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the problem.

In most cases, it’s just a simple fix and doesn’t require a replacement of the TV.

Fix #5. Visit Nearest TV Repair Shop

The technicians at the TV repair shop will be able to determine the cause of the blinking red light and fix it accordingly.

In most cases, it’s a simple fix and doesn’t require any major repairs. 

However, if there is something wrong with your TV that can’t be easily fixed, the technicians will let you know and give you a quote for the necessary repairs.

Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest TV repair shop. They’ll have it up and running again in no time!


Let’s conclude the post on Sony TV Red Light Blinks 4 times!

I hope you have followed the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

However, if the blinking persists, you may need to contact a TV Repair technician if TV is out of Warranty and Sony Customer Support if TV is in Warranty.

I do not recommend touching the internal TV circuits and checking them on your own as it may even further cause more damage to the TV.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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