What Is a Split Spacebar? (Know This FIRST!)

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If you have looked into keyboard customization already and found out ways to make a keyboard more ergonomic, having a split spacebar in your keyboard can be a way to improve your typing speed, keyboard use comfort, and more.

So, What is a Split Spacebar?

A split spacebar is a type of spacebar split into two halves. The left half is used for the left hand, and the right half is used for the right hand.

This can be helpful for people who have difficulty reaching the spacebar with their thumb or want to be able to type faster.

In this post, I would discuss in depth about split spacebar, so that you can get an informed idea about this reading this post.

Split Spacebar

Let’s get started!

What Is Split Spacebar?

On a keyboard, the spacebar is a key that is used to enter a space, typically between words.

However, some keyboards have a “split spacebar” which is two separate keys(a split spacebar key into two keys), each of which can be used to enter a space. 

Split spacebars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some have a curved shape, and others are straight. Some have a raised or textured surface to help grip.

This can be useful for typists who want to have more control over their spacing, or for those who find it difficult to reach the spacebar with their thumb.

Although it is not a common feature, some ergonomic keyboards do come with a split spacebar design.

What Is the Point of Having a Split Spacebar?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to use a split spacebar keyboard.

After all, the standard keyboard layout has been around for decades and works just fine. So what are the benefits of using a split spacebar keyboard? 

Here are the reasons why you should consider using one:

1. Increased comfort

If you spend a lot of time typing, then you know how uncomfortable it can be to use a traditional keyboard.

The split spacebar keyboard is designed to be more comfortable to use, so you can type for longer without experiencing discomfort. 

As we mentioned, it can be helpful for people who have difficulty reaching the spacebar with their thumb.

2. Better ergonomics 

The split spacebar keyboard is also more ergonomic than a traditional keyboard.

This means that it will put less strain on your wrists and fingers, which can reduce the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries.

3. Helps to Type Faster

When you use a split spacebar keyboard, you can type more efficiently because your hands are in a more natural position. This can help you to increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Is Split Spacebar Overrated?

Some people may find that a split spacebar is overrated. While it can be helpful for some people, it may not make a big difference for others. 

Additionally, split spacebars can be more expensive than traditional spacebars, so you may want to try a traditional spacebar first to see if it works for you.

However, it can be a great help for many who can take the benefits of its ergonomically friendly design great for your hands and wrists. Overall, it does boost your productivity and cant be stated as an overrated thing.

Still, people have several arguments Against a Split Spacebar:

One of the biggest arguments against the split spacebar is that it can be difficult to use.

This is because your fingers have to be in an uncomfortable position to reach the keys, and it can also be difficult to press both keys simultaneously.

Additionally, some people find that the split spacebar doesn’t provide enough space for their fingers, making typing more difficult.

Some argue that the split spacebar is easier to use than a traditional spacebar. This is because you can use your thumb to press one of the keys, which can be more comfortable than using your index finger.

Additionally, the split spacebar can be easier to reach, making typing faster.

What Is a Split Backspace?

The split backspace is a key on a keyboard that is divided into two separate keys. This can be helpful for people who have difficulty reaching the traditional backspace key.

The split backspace can also be easier to use, as you can press the keys with your thumb instead of your index finger.

Some people find the split backspace more difficult to use, as it can be difficult to press both keys simultaneously.

Additionally, the split backspace can be less comfortable to use, as your fingers must be in an uncomfortable position to reach the keys.

What Is a Split Right Shift?

Split Right Shift is a term used to describe the physical layout of certain keyboard keys. The “Split” refers to the fact that these keys are split into two halves, each serving a different function. 

The right shift key is typically located to the right of the spacebar and is used to activate the caps lock function on a standard keyboard. 

However, on a keyboard with a split right shift, the left half of the key is used for caps lock while the right half is used for the shift function.

This can benefit those who find it difficult to reach the caps lock key or who use the shift function frequently.


Let’s conclude the post on what is a Split Spacebar!

A split spacebar can be a helpful tool for people who have trouble reaching the spacebar with their left hand. It can also provide a more comfortable typing experience for people who type a lot. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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