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TVS Gold Keyboard Review {2022 Updated}

Are you looking for an awesome mechanical keyboard? Here I would cover the TVS Gold Keyboard review which is a wired USB keyboard and would discuss specifications, pros, cons, and its price in India.

Keyboards being a must for any computer, enriching the typing speed and giving the best experience while you type is a crucial thing for those who need a more extended typing experience. There was a time when people used to like the typewriters to type which has been replaced by keyboards.

The TVS Gold Keyboard is an excellent keyboard for everyday use. It has a standard design and is very comfortable to use. The keys are responsive and have a good amount of travel. I liked its durability.

Table of Contents

  1. TVS Gold Keyboard Review
  2. TVS Gold Keyboard Specification
  3. TVS Gold Keyboard Technical Details
  4. TVS Keyboard Pros
  5. TVS Keyboard Cons
  6. TVS Gold Keyboard Price in India
  7. Why Choose a Mechanical Keyboard ?
  8. Factors to look before buying a Mechanical Keyboard
  9. Conclusion

Let’s get started!

TVS Bharat Gold Keyboard Full Review

TVS Gold Keyboard Review

TVS company’s product TVS Gold keyboard is made of mechanical Cherry switches, etched laser characters, and keycaps with everlasting presence also it has a Rupee symbol in it.

It has a curved and study design. The main focus is its longevity. So it’s terrific for high workloads. It has a very high-rated amazon product and also has some good reviews with it. The keyboard has a good build quality and feels sturdy. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic and have a matte finish. The legends are printed in white and are very legible.

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It is clickety / crackly – may not be great for quiet offices, but just right for home use, the tactile response is just excellent. 

This keyboard provided an excellent typing experience given the price point and is best suited for programmers, bloggers, gamers, and people working in-home or at the office. Overall, the TVS-e-Gold is a good mechanical keyboard that is well built and feels sturdy.

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TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard (Black)
TVS Bharat Gold Review

Overall we would suggest giving this keyboard a try as it provides excellent and comfortable typing experience with good tactile feedback without burning a hole in your pocket. It is good for typing all day. We highly recommend TVS Gold Bharat keyboard for your home and office use. It has different models like TVS Bharat Gold, TVS Gold Pro which you can also check. Above all, TVS Electronics is a Chennai based company which makes this fantastic made in India mechanical keyboard.

Product SKU: TVS Bharat Gold Wired USB Keyboard

Product Brand: TVS Electronics

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
tvs bharat gold keyboard
TVS Gold Keyboard(Mechanical Keyboard)

TVS Gold Keyboard Specification

Let’s talk about its technical specifications:

  1. It is Fitted with long life mechanical switches
  2. It has laser Etched Characters On Keycaps with an everlasting presence
  3. The keyboards are all enabled with the Rupee symbols
  4. It is a bilingual keyboard
  5. It is highly reliable
  6. It is a full sized keyboard

TVS Gold Keyboard Technical Details

As an end-user going through technical details is also important.

Package Dimensions53 x 26 x 2.4 cm; 660 Grams
Item model numberTVS-GOLD
Are Batteries IncludedNo
Included ComponentsKeyboard
Item Weight660 g

TVS Keyboard Pros

Let’s talk about the pros of this product:

  1. It provides an enhanced typing experience that is suitable for heavier workload for a typist for programmers for traders and all those who need and even gamers who need keyboards and hardy and durability to whom it is very specific. 
  2. It’s reliable and highly durable with every experience.
  3.  Its typing experience is incredible, as this keyboard feels smooth. And provides an enlisted experience as you can type with a glide on it.
  4. TVS electronics marks and. Quality product and it has the impact of durability, for its mechanical keyboard of gold variants with cherry switches. It has a guarantee of 50 million strokes per key.
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TVS Keyboard Cons

It still has the following cons:

1. It’s huge and bulky, and it takes up a lot of real estate on the table.

2. The blue switches were pretty awesome in typing but very loud for office use.


TVS Gold Keyboard Price in India

Why Choose a Mechanical Keyboard ?

 Mechanical keyboards are popular among computer enthusiasts for their tactile feedback, durability, and relatively high performance.

Many gamers prefer mechanical keyboards for the same reasons. The actuation force required to press a key on a mechanical keyboard is significantly higher than on a traditional membrane keyboard, which can be an advantage for some people who find it easier to press keys with more force.

Mechanical keyboards also tend to have longer lifespans than traditional keyboards; they often last fifty million or more keypresses, while traditional keyboards usually only last five million or so.

Factors to look before buying a Mechanical Keyboard

  1. Durability : Mechanical keyboards are pretty good. Each keys are separate switches and you can change every switch separately. This is a massive important thing to consider as we don’t have to replace the entire keyboard for a single key now. Going through the reviews is pretty important for checking its durability from its users.
  2. Design: Also another thing that is important in a mechanical keyboard is its design. So, we need to choose the right keyboard for our excellent typing experience.

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Let’s conclude the post on the TVS Gold Keyboard review!

It’s probably one of the most popular keyboards under mechanical keyboards in India. Hope you have got a good idea about this. Hope you like it! You may also like to read about more mechanical keyboards under 3000.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.