Targus KB55 Bluetooth keyboard Review [2021]

targus kb55 review bluetooth keyboard

Are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for a tablet or your smartphone? In that case, Targus has an awesome choice for keyboard in its wireless keyboard segment. It features its KB55 which we would review here. Here we have done Targus KB55 review in detail.

Bluetooth Keyboards look awesome! The best thing is that they won't clutter your desk and can be used multi-platform.

Bluetooth keyboards are nowadays a must to have a choice considering its no mess with wires, portability, multi-device connectivity. Let's look into how we found Targus KB55.

Targus KB55 Review 2021:

Targus Bluetooth keyboard is multi-platform supported Bluetooth keyboard supports iOS, Android, Windows (10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000), Mac OS platform.

It has a very sleek design and is much lightweight. Hence, it is very much portable. Now, coming to key type. It has scissor keys type. Its typing experience is very comfortable and awesome. 

In this article we would look into

targus bluetooth keyboard review india

Summary of Targus AKB55TT

Carry the thin KB55 Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard with you anywhere you go. It is made for traveling and connected to multi platform devices on the go! Enjoy the comfort of typing with this Targus Bluetooth Keyboard.

Key  Features:

  • Works Multi-platform compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connection
  • Super slim and compact design is easy to bring on the road
  • Scissor-switch keys for a better typing response





Ease of Use


Targus bluetooth keyboard KB55 Specification :

Below is the Technical Specification of the Targus KB55 keyboard:

Targus India
Item Height
120 Centimeters
Item Width
21 Centimeters
Product Dimensions
285 x 21 x 120 cm; 279 Grams
1 AAA batteries required.
Item model number
Hardware Platform
Included Components
Keyboard and Battery
Targus India
Imported By
Item Weight
279 g (Lightweight)
Source:Amazon India


Connectivity of any wireless keyboard is a pretty important factor. It has direct implications on the performance. Targus kb55 bluetooth keyboard has connectivity using Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connection with 33 ft range.

Hence, we can connect to laptops, smartphones and tablets (Android or IOS). Though it has Bluetooth 3.0 older technology, its connectivity is good and connects very quickly to the paired devices.

Key type:

There are many different types of keyboard key types available in the market. Targus KB55 Keys are of scissors-type. Keys don’t make much sound and are very comfortable to use.


It is powered by 2 * AAA batteries which come inside the case.

Dimensions and colour:

Its size is very compact 4.75 x 0.88 x 11.25 inches. This bluetooth keyboard by Targus is black in colour.

Box Contents :

Targus KB 55 box consists of:

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Targus KB55 Pros And Cons

Lets analyze key highlights of Pros and Cons of this Targus Bluetooth Keyboard:


  • Thin and lightweight 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for multiplatform use for Smartphones(Android users, IOS Users) and Desktop and Laptops( IOS Users and also Mac Users)
  • Cheap compared to other Bluetooth keyboards.


  • It does not have a backlit Key support
  • Bluetooth version is 3.0
  • Not a full sized keyboard

Targus KB55 Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard Unboxing

Let's see unboxing of the Targus Bluetooth Keyboard and using it with iPad.

Targus Warranty:

Warranty is an important factor to look into while purchasing a keyboard. Targus provides 3 Year Warranty on KB55 Bluetooth keyboard.

Where to buy?

Targus kb55 multi platform bluetooth keyboard akb55tt is available in Amazon store.

About Targus

Targus® is a privately owned multinational mobile computing accessories company that manufactures different accessories like keyboards. Know more about Targus.

Targus KB55 Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing:

You might probably have a question about "How do I pair my Targus keyboard with my iPad?" or you might want to connect with any devices. To establish the connection follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button on back of your Targus keyboard for 3 seconds. This would turn on the bluetooth reveiver of the keyboard and a Blue LED will be blinking.
  • Now, switch ON the Bluetooth function of your iPad or any other Smartphone or laptop. In the devices section find "Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard" and click on the name to connect.

Targus Bluetooth Keyboard KB55 (Complete Buyers Guide)

Do you want a keyboard that can easily be a part of your travel with you or a multi-platform friendly one?

There are lots and lots of Bluetooth keyboard options in the market. 

But, if you want the right Bluetooth keyboard that would support multi-platform under 2k, travel freindly and lightweight. 

Targus Bluetooth Keyboard KB 55 is a must choice. 

I would explain each bit of technology present in this Targus keyboard to get a clear idea.  

Complete Keyboard Buyers Guide for Targus Bluetooth Keyboard 

I would analyze factors that you should look into while you purchase a keyboard with the above requirements. 

Multiplatform Connecting Capability: 

It is an essential factor as we have many devices. Still, we want to connect with them using a single wireless keyboard.

Different platform supported by Targus KB55 supports are:

  1. Tablets: IPad or any Android tablets
  2. Smartphone: Android Phones or iPhones
  3. Laptops: Windows or macOS
  4. Desktop 
  5. Smart TV(having Bluetooth support)

Which Wireless Keyboard Technology to choose?

Without any wires, a keyboard can be connected to either an 

  • RF 2.4GHz dongle or
  • Bluetooth

As the Targus KB55 keyboard has a Bluetooth connection, you don't have to spend a USB port of your PC or laptop or TV.

Why is Bluetooth Keyboards the Best for Multiplatform Devices?

We usually skip and end up buying any wireless keyboard available in the market and later face the consequences. 

Can you connect a USB dongle to your smartphone or your tablet or iPad?

No. To connect, you need an OTG adaptor.

For these types of requirements where Bluetooth devices are available, it is better to opt for Bluetooth keyboards. We skip because Bluetooth keyboards are generally priced higher than regular wireless keyboards.

However, the Targus keyboard is priced very well. 

Such a quality keyboard at a stone throw price is hard to find!

Which Bluetooth version to choose for the Bluetooth keyboard?

There are different types of Bluetooth technologies that are available in the market. Some might be the latest one might be 5.0, but the older version is also good.

Does Warranty matter buy a Bluetooth Keyboard?

Yes, for any product, a warranty is essential.

Targus Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a 3 Years Warranty in India.

Does Keyboard Design Matter?

Yes, keyboard design matters. 

Won't you like a thin keyboard having lightweight that would enhance your workspace look? You would for sure.

targus kb55 review very thin bluetooth keyboard

Targus KB55 is a thin and lightweight design that looks great in your workspace and helps to declutter the area. So as much clean the design would be as much good as the look would be, your workplace would look better, and you can work better with that.

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Who is Targus Bluetooth Keyboard for?

Targus Bluetooth keyboard KB55 is for specific needs like:

  • Travel Enthusiast:  Many of us love to travel but cannot avoid our regular work. This Targus Keyboard would be handy if you travel and can use it to type on your smartphone.
  • Gadget Lover or a Multitasker: We might work on different platform like you may save your work on Google Docs on your PC and later continue from your iPad. You would love using the Targus Bluetooth keyboard to connect that with any device you use that supports Bluetooth. 
  • Web Designer
  • Bloggers
  • Travel or Food influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Youtubers

And the list goes more...

You probably have got a good idea about this Targus KB55 keyboard now.

Is Targus KB55 a full-sized Keyboard?

No, Targus KB55 is not a full-sized keyboard as you use with your PC. However, you may get an arrangement like your laptop keypad.

If you love using a full-sized keyboard, you might feel the lack of number keys on the right size.

Is Targus KB55 a value for money keyboard? 

Yes, KB55 would be an excellent value for the moneyWe have done a complete review of this product's detailed technical specifications and price in our Targus KB55 review

Final Words:

Overall, my experience is awesome using Targus kb55 bluetooth keyboard. I especially prefer to use this keyboard with my iPad. I highly recommend this product.

This keyboard would be the best Bluetooth keyboard available in the market under Rs 2000. Yes. No other Bluetooth keyboard would match its value for money at this low price, about its design. As you liked this targus wireless bluetooth keyboard you would also like to read about silent mouse from logitech, logitech m331 review.

We genuinely focus on increasing your productivity by suggesting the best possible gadgets under particular budgets to always benefit in your work in your daily activities, like blogging, then YouTubers you making videos and all activities. 

Hope you liked our Targus KB55 Review. I have tried to cover each bits of the different aspects of this keyboard. 

Targus Bluetooth Keyboard KB55
targus bluetooth keyboard

After going through all the factors essential in a compact multiplatform keyboard in a budget. It clearly satisfies our need and helps to pace our daily task with ease. Connectivity accross multiple devices like laptop, tablets and smartphone using its bluetooth feature is very useful. Also in this price range it is very hard to beat. Targus KB55 is truely value for money product.

Product Brand: Targus

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 1599

Product In-Stock: InStock

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