What are Zealios v2 switches?| Zealios v2 review-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tactile switches give great feedback with reduced noise, unlike clicky switches. If you like the tactile switches, then you would like the Zealios v2.

If you want to know about the Zealios v2 switches and their review, this is the right post.

What are Zealios v2 switches?

Zealios v2 is a tactile switch from Zeal PC and has a more significant bump than the previous Zealio. These switches support PCB mount. Zealio v2 has four variants classified with bottom-out force as 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g. The Zealio v2 has a transparent housing to enhance the RGB lighting keyboard.

Zealios v2 switches

Zealio Variants

62g Zealio v265g Zealio v267g Zealio v278g Zealio v2
Switch TypeTactileTactileTactileTactile
Mount TypePCB MountPCB MountPCB MountPCB Mount
Housing ColourTransparentTransparentTransparent Transparent
ExperienceSmooth, crisp and light. Lightest among the Zealios.Smooth with cushioning at the bottom of the switchVery responsiveHeavier spring with a buttery smooth and tactile bump.
Bottom Out Force62g65g67g78g
Source: Zeal PC

Zealio v2 Review

The Zealio v2 is an excellent switch for people who love tactile switches on mechanical keyboards.

The tactile switches are less noisy than the clicky switches like the blue switches. However, they have a tactile bump when you press the key. You will feel a noticeable feedback response from the switch.

It is often not an excellent choice to opt for clicky switches like offices, where tactile switches can be used.

The Zealio v2 is an excellent upgrade from the Zealio switch and is more snapper and tactile.

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It comes in 4 variants which are classified according to the bottom out force of the switches.

62g Zealio v2: The 62g Zealio v2 switches are the lightest among the entire Zealio v2 range. The lighter the bottom-out force is, the clicks would be more effortless on the switches.

65g Zealio v2: The next Zealio v2 is with 65 g bottom-out force. The switch feels snappy and tactile. Also, it comes with cushioning at the bottom of the switch which makes it smooth.

67g Zealio v2: 67 g Zealio v2 is also a great option to consider in mechanical switches. This switch has great responsive feedback. You would enjoy typing for long.

78g Zealio v2: The 78g Zealio v2 has the heaviest spring bottom-out force. It has a large tactile bump when you compare this with the Holy Pandas.

Zealios v2 Sound Test

In this video, you will find the sound test of the lubed Zealios v2 67g version.

Are Zealios V2 switches good?

The Zealio v2 is for the pure tactile switch fans. They have excellent feedback with no pretravel, which enhances the typing experience of the switch.

Who are the Zealio v2 switches for?

Zealio V2 switches are tactile switches and are great for:

  • Content Creators: The content creators would get a great experience from the Zealios switches as these are very tactile. So, every click is enjoyable when you type.
  • Gamers: Gamers like clicky switches but with less noise as that can interrupt the gaming experience. The Zealio v2 has excellent tactile feedback, and with each keypress, the bump you will get is excellent.
  • Programmers: If you are a programmer, then you would also enjoy coding on these switches. With the tactile feedback, the Zealios v2 would elevate the speed and experience of typing.
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Where to buy Zealio v2 switches?

You can find the Zealio v2 switches from the Zeal PC website.

FAQs on Zealio v2 switches

Q. Are Zealios clicky?

Ans: Zealios switches are not clicky. They are tactile.

Q. Are the Zealios silent?

Ans: Zealios v2 are tactile switches which means they are silent compared to clicky switches but are louder than the linear switches. They sound moderate.

Q. What kind of switches are the Zealios V2?

Ans: Zealios v2 switches are tactile mechanical switches.


Let’s conclude!

Zealio v2 is a promising mechanical switch of tactile type from Zeal PC. The switches of Zeal PC are amazing in every aspect. I also like the Healio v2 which are of linear type.

Zealio v2 would be a great replacement for brown switches and also any other tactile switches. They are one of the best among the tactile switches from my experience.