Zilents V2 vs Zealios V2: Are there any differences?

The Zealios and the Zilents are the tactile switches from Zeal PC. If you are looking to compare Zilents V2 vs Zealios V2, then this is the right post.

Though both are tactile, the Zilents v2 are silent too.

Let’s dive into the comparison.

Zilents V2 vs Zealios V2

Zilents v2Zealios v2
Switch TypeSilent TactileTactile
PCB MountYesYes
Housing ColourTransparentTransparent
Bottom Out force62g, 65g, 67g, 78g (Bottom out force) with 4 variants of Zilents v262 g, 65g, 67g, 78g (Bottom out force) with 4 variants of Zealio v2
zealios v2 vs zilents v2

What are Zilent V2 switches?

Zilent V2 switches are the Silent yet tactile switches from Zeal PC. These switches are in 4 variants of 62g, 65g, 67g and 78g bottom out forces. 

The Zilents have improved dampeners below it to make it silent, yet it is tactile.

What are Zealio V2 Switches?

Zealio V2 switches are tactile switches from Zeal PC. These switches have excellent tactile feedback that makes typing on them a good experience.

The Zealio V2 switches are four variants with 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g bottom-out force.

Zilent V2 Review

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Tactile switches are great and give an excellent experience due to their bumpy feedback.

The Zilent V2 has dampeners that ensure clicks are not noisy, and they can make it silent tactile, which is excellent.

Having a silent and tactile together is very difficult to achieve, which Zilent V2 has achieved.

The colours of the stem of Zilent switches are blue, and the housing is transparent. The Zilents would work great with the RGB keyboard setup also.

There are four variants of Zilent switches from Zeal PC, and they are classified according to the bottom out forces. The colours of stems are also different and come with different shades of blue.

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Here are the different Zilents below:

  • 62g Zilent – The 62g is the lightest variant of the Zilents. They are smooth, crisp and offer a snappy clicking experience which is excellent.
  • 65g Zilent – The 65g Zilent are Smooth, long, drawn-out tactile bump from the top. They have a nice cushioning during bottom out which feels great during typing and gaming.
  • 67g Zilent – The 67g Zilent switches are very Crisp & responsive. These switches have a tactile bump feeling at the very top with more cushion during bottom out compared to the 65g Zilent V2.
  • 78g Zilent – These have the heaviest spring among the Zilents. For those who prefer a slightly lighter MX Clear but want a more significant and smoother bump than Holy Pandas. The tactile bump is round and snappy at the very top which leaves a great experience.

Zealio V2 Review

Zealio v2 are great for the tactile switch fans. These have one of the finest bumpy feedback of the tactile switches. The Zealio v2 can be handy in gaming for regular office work and would be a great companion.

The Zealio v2 has a purple stem and transparent housing. The switch has a good build quality that would effectively be great for intensive gaming.

They get mounted very well in PCBs and are very rigid.

The Zealio V2 has four variants that differ according to the bottom out force of the switches. These Zealio variants also have a difference in stem colour to identify them uniquely. They come in different shades of purple.

Here are the four variants of Zealio switches:

  • 62g Zealio – The 62g is the lightest among the Zealio switch lineup. These are Smooth, crisp and light, a bit heavier than MX Browns in weight. The 62g Zealio offers a much smoother experience with a crisper and immense tactile bump feedback than Holy Pandas.
  • 65g Zealio – These are Smooth, long, drawn-out tactile bump from the top. They have nice cushioning during bottom out.
  • 67g Zealio – The 67 g Zealio switches feel Crisp & responsive with a tactile bump feeling at the top. They have more cushion during bottom out than the 65g Zealio V2.
  • 78g Zealio – Though the 78 g Zealio have the heaviest spring among the Zealio lineup, these are for those who would like a lighter MX Clear but with a smoother bump than Holy Pandas. The tactile bump is round and snappy at the very top which is amazing.
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You can check in-depth review of Zealio v2 here.

My View

For general usage and gaming, the tactile switches stand great between the clicky and the linear switches.

The Zilents V2 and the Zealios v2 have great tactile feedback, which you will find great to use for long hours.

I prefer using tactile switches and even clicky switches. You will like Zealios v2 if you are a tactile switch fan.

If you need a quieter and tactile switch, then the Zilents v2 would be your choice. These switches are a bit on the premium side. However, it is worth your investment as the quality of the switches are excellent.

FAQs on Zilents vs Zealios

Q: Are Zealios clicky?

Ans: Zealios switches are tactile and hence are not clicky.

Q: Are Zealios PCBs mounted?

Ans: The Zealio are PCB mounted. 

Q: Are Zealios good switches?

Ans: Zealios are great among the tactile switches and have excellent bumpy and snappy feedback on switch clicks.

Q: Are Zealios quiet?

Ans: Zealios are not quiet; they are tactile. You would find the Zilents to be quiet.

Q: Do Zilents feel the same as Zealios?

Ans: In terms of clickiness, the Zealios feel more clicker. However, the Zilents are silent yet clicky switches.


Let’s conclude!

I hope you liked the comparison of Zilent v2 vs Zealio v2 switches.