1440p vs 4k: Is 1440 4k? (2023 Updated)

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4k is more commonly seen as a TV resolution whereas 1440p is more commonly found on computer monitors.

1440p vs 4k is a common question that consumers face, so let’s take a look at the differences between these two resolutions.

Resolution is basically the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more pixels there are, and the sharper the image will be.

There are many benefits to choosing one resolution over another, but what exactly are the differences between 4k and 1440p? 1440p is not as sharp as 4K, but it is still very close to it. 4k images are sharper, crisper, and more detailed than 1440p. 1440p looks close to the 4K resolution in terms of picture quality but in pixel count, 4k has thrice the number of pixels as compared to 1440p.

This article aims to help you learn more about the higher resolutions 1440p and 4k by providing you with a detailed comparison between the two.

Let’s get started!

1440p vs 4k (Comparison Table)

Also known asQHD, WQHD, Quad HDUHD, Ultra HD, 2160p
Total Pixels27,64,800 pixels82,94,400 pixels (Pixel Count is Thrice as compared to 1440p)
CostCostlier than 1080pExpensive as compared to 1440p
1440p vs 4k
1440p vs 4k

Is 1440p 4k?

1440 is not 4k. 1440p is higher than 1080p but is lower than the resolution of a UHD (aka, 4K). Compared to 4K and 1080p resolutions, 1440 is not as popular or widely used. As a result, you won’t see many videos and images in 1440p resolutions.

1440 is the second-highest resolution after 4K, considering that 8K is just hitting the market. Though the 1440p is not 4k, it is still a great choice to play games, watch movies, edit videos, and use regularly.

The image quality in the case of 1440p also turns out to be good, and it truly competes for head-to-head with 4k.

What is 1440p resolution?

1440p is a type of high-definition video format that displays at 2560 x 1440 pixels. It is a progressive resolution and often referred to as ‘Quad HD,’ implying double times the number of pixels as 1080p. 

1440p is not as sharp as 4K, but it is still very close to it. 1440p has a higher resolution than 1080p, but its pixel count is lower than that of 4K.

If you switch to 1440p from your existing Full HD, then you will notice a great enhancement in the picture quality.

What is 4k resolution?

4k is commonly referred to as UHD, 4K UHD, and Ultra HD. This is a 3840 x 2160 resolution with four times the number of pixels as base HD (1080p). 4K resolution is four times as sharp as full HD resolutions and provides 4x the clarity.

The adoption of 4K has grown steadily, with internet streaming and commercial TVs seeing the highest uptake.

When you see a 4K resolution, you should get excited, as you’re going to notice more details in images than you did with 1080p.

You’ll see more sharpness and a crisper image. You’ll also see a better viewing experience, as the image is sharper and more detailed.

4k resolution is the next big advancement in television technology.

It provides an unprecedented level of detail that is almost impossible to see with the human eye.

This means that you can sit in your living room and enjoy a game like never before, picking out every pixel on the screen and enjoying amazing clarity.

Can you tell the difference between 1440p and 4K?

Most people can tell the difference between 1440p and 4k, but only if the screen size is greater. Otherwise, the difference is not that noticeable.

Technically, the difference between 4K and 1440p lies in the pixels per inch (PPI). PPI is a term describing the number of pixels per inch of the screen.

A pixel is the basic building block of an image displayed on a screen.

When differentiating 1140 and 4K, we consider the entire length/width of the display instead of a unit inch length/width.

A 4K display is 3860 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high. On the other hand, a 1440p display is 2560 pixels wide and 1080 high.

The 4K display is clearer and crisper than 1440p.

4K is also known by several names, including UHD, Ultra HD, or simply 2160 pixels.

1440P is also called QHD, Quad HD, and WQHD.

Does 1440p look worse than 4K?

Although it is not as sharp and clear as a UHD, 1440p still looks good.

The difference between the two resolutions lies in the number of pixels.

More importantly, a 1440p monitor is usually cheaper than a UHD monitor with the same size and monitor quality.

You may not perceive a steep difference between them when watching or playing videos.

However, the difference is more evident if you use your monitor for other purposes like editing and design work.

In terms of picture quality and vibrance, 4K carries the day.

Is 4K worth it over 1440p?

If you don’t have a budget constraint, then the answer is yes.

The superior quality of UHD is evident in most cases, compared to 1440p.

However, if you are looking for a monitor with the best price and performance ratio, 1440P is ideal as it is lower in price and above average in performance.

Is 4K or 1440p better for gaming?

Overall, 1440p is the better option for avid gamers.

With a capable GPU (graphics card), and a quality monitor, You will have a pleasant gaming experience with a 1440p monitor, without as many tweaks you’d have to make in a 4K display.

When buying a gaming monitor, most users are probably wondering if they should go with a 1440p or a 4K monitor.

Both have their benefits and downsides. Let’s start with 1440p or also known as 2560 x 1440.

This resolution is the most common for gaming monitors. If you are looking for a high refresh rate, this is the resolution for you.

1440p monitors are the most common for 144Hz gaming monitors. 4K, on the other hand, is 3840 x 2160. 

Although this resolution is more common for lower refresh rates, 1440p does allow for more graphics options than 4K.

These days, more and more people are looking for the latest and greatest in gaming. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find what you want.

The one trend people are following is 4K gaming. With 4K gaming, you can have a much clearer picture on your screen that is much better than what traditional 1080p screens offer.

Is 4K or 1440p better for Video Editing?

When editing a 4K video, the raw file might be in 4K. This way, a high-resolution monitor can display lower-resolution videos.

The 1440p monitor won’t display videos in 4K. This is because of the 4K resolution. 

You need a 4K monitor to watch 4K videos. You can get a 4K monitor and work with 4K videos.

This monitor is a high-quality monitor, and it is great for editing 4K videos.

It is always advisable to choose the highest resolution monitor available for video editing and look into the monitor’s color accuracy.

Some gamers are torn about what resolutions they should be playing games in.

Some people recommend 1080p for the average gamer, while others recommend 1440p or even 4k. But what size monitor should these resolutions be played on?

Picking the right monitor can be tough, but it’s important to know which resolution is best for your needs.

The display’s resolution determines how many pixels are on the screen. More pixels mean more detail and clarity.

1440p is ideal for 24-inch monitors, while 4k is good for 27-inch monitors. If you’re looking for a larger monitor size than 27 inches, 4k will still provide better image quality than 1080p.

You can also read my monitor size guide where I compared 24 vs 27 vs 32-inch monitors.

My Recommendation

Both 1440p and 4k monitors have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, you have to ask yourself what your needs are and what you will use the monitor for.

4k monitor Options

If you’re a gamer, video editor, graphics designer, photo editor, or movie enthusiast, 4k is the way to go.

Here are some of the great 4k monitor options:

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1440p monitor Options

But if you’re a writer or developer, 1440p is the way to go.

Here are some of the great 1440p monitor options:

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FAQs on 1440p vs 4k

Is 1440p enough for 27 inches?

1440p resolution has been found to be more than sufficient for typical viewing distances from typical screen sizes like 27 inches. 1440p is excellent for a 27-inch monitor without being too costly.

Why do people care about 4K gaming?

Technology has given us many new innovations to make our lives easier. One of these innovations is 4K gaming. On the surface, it may seem like a silly thing for people to care about, but there are many reasons why people care about 4K gaming.

First, it gives gamers a much higher resolution experience that enables them to see every detail in games more clearly. This gives gamers an edge because they can spot things easily that might have been missed with lower resolutions.

Is 4k twice 1440p?

The pixel count in the 4k display is 82,94,400 pixels which is thrice as compared to 1440p.


Let’s conclude the post on 1440p vs 4k!

1440p resolution is the best option for those who want the best possible picture quality without spending a fortune.

It offers good value for the money and provides a great viewing experience. If you are looking to buy a new monitor, 1440p is the way to go!

1440p resolution is the optimal choice for most gamers and computer users.

A 4k resolution is still a viable option for those who want the best possible image quality, but it may not be necessary for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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