Can HDMI cause Audio lag? (by Electronics Engineer) [2022]

Can HDMI cause Audio lag

Many of us can become very confused and feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology. One such device is HDMI. HDMI has become the industry’s de-facto standard for handling high-definition media content, a new video standard that brings together HD video and digital audio in a single cable.  Not only is HDMI the standard for … Read more

Do HDMI Splitters Reduce Quality?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Do HDMI splitters reduce quality

The HDMI splitter is a recent innovation that allows multiple TVs to display the same video signal, and the video signal is split and replicated on two or more TVs. The long list of features that HDMI-enabled devices offer is one of the reasons why the HDMI splitter has become popular in homes with multiple … Read more

Are Nylon Braided Cables Better? (+ More Durable)

are nylon braided cables better and more durable

We see braiding or covering as protection in all the wires and equipment we use daily as a computer peripheral or accessories. The wires of the connectors with USB port, the wires of the chargers, and others get easily damaged by wire and tear. To protect them, a proper coating of protection is essential. The … Read more