Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown: Differences(What’s better?)

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Gateron Brown and Cherry Brown are one of the two most popular tactile switches.

Both switches are tactile, but they have some key differences. So, which one is the better switch?

These switches are “tactile” because they have a noticeable bump when you actuate them.

This bump indicates that you have activated the switch and registered the keystroke.

Gateron, a company based in China manufactures Gateron Brown switches.

These switches are clones of Cherry MX Browns, but they have a few minor differences. 

Cherry is a company based in Germany that manufactures Cherry Brown switches.

In this post, I would cover the comparison of the two tactile switches Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

I would consider various factors like durability, performance, build quality, and more.

In short, the Cherry MX Browns feel lighter to actuate than Gateron Browns.

However, they have better tactile feedback than the Gateron Browns.

Also, the durability of Cherry MX Browns is better.

The Gateron Browns have an added smoothness than Cherry MX Browns.

Let’s get started to find which wins over the other!

In this post you will learn about:

Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX Brown

Gateron BrownCherry MX Brown
Switch typeTactileTactile
Actuation force55g55g
Pre Travel Distance2mm2mm
Total Travel4mm4mm
Total Actuation50 million actuation100 million actuation
Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

Gateron Brown Review

Keyboard enthusiasts choose Gateron Setup switches due to their nice, responsive tactile feedback. They are inexpensive too.

They are also affordable, making them a popular choice for budget-minded buyers.

One downside to Gateron Browns is that they can be stiffer than some other switch types.

This can make them difficult to press for users with smaller hands.

Gateron Brown Switches
Gateron Brown Switches

Also, it is difficult to press for those who are not used to tactile switches.

Additionally, the switches can be pretty loud, which may not be ideal for some users.

Gateron Browns are a good option as an affordable switch with tactile feedback.

They may not be perfect for everyone, but they will please many buyers.

You can check the full Gateron Brown review here.

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Cherry MX Brown Review

The Cherry MX Brown keyboard switch is one of the most popular switches on the market.

It has a medium resistance, making it a good option for gaming and typing.

The Cherry MX Brown key switch is a medium-stiff, tactile key switch designed for typists.

The MX Brown has a light actuation force of 45g and is quiet when depressed.

Cherry MX Brown Switches
Cherry MX Brown Switches

The Browns are tactile, meaning you feel a bump when you press them, and this lets you know that you have activated the key.

This can be helpful for gaming, as you don’t have to keep looking down at your keyboard to see if you have hit the key.

The Cherry MX Brown is suitable for people who want tactile feedback with less noise.

The light actuation force also makes it easy to press many keys at once.

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When comparing mechanical switches, durability comparison is a crucial factor.

In durability, Cherry MX Brown switches are often considered the gold standard.

They’re rated for 100 million clicks, compared to the Gateron Brown switch’s lifespan of only 50 million.

But, in practice, this may not be as big of a difference as you might think.

This number indicates that Cherry Browns are more durable than Gateron browns. Yet, the Gateron Browns are not bad in durability either.

Tactile Feedback

Feedback of switches is a must consider as it can make or break the experience.

So, which has better tactile feedback?

They are both tactile and have medium resistance. Yet, they feel different to type on.

The Cherry MX browns feel heavier and more durable than the Gateron browns. They also have a sharper bump, which some people prefer. But, the Gateron browns are smoother, and the tactile bump is lower.

Gaming Experience

Gamers prefer low response time actuation fast switches for gaming.

Also, durability plays a key factor in gaming switches.

So, which switch type is best for gaming? Cherry MX Brown or the Gateron Brown?

Some gamers prefer the Cherry MX Browns due to the tactile feedback.

Also, the actuation feels light for MX Browns.

They are also considered one of the most durable switches available.

Even the Gateron Browns perform well in gaming.

So, it is a personal preference to choose one of them.

Typing Experience

Cherry MX Brown is a popular switch for typing, and Gateron Brown is also well-loved.

So, which one is better for typing?

Some people like the MX Brown’s feel, while others like the smoothness you get with the Gateron Browns.

I’ve tried both switches, and I prefer the Gateron Brown switch.

The Gateron Browns feel better during typing as they have a bumpy feeling with a smooth touch.

Which is better: Gateron Brown or Cherry Brown?

It cannot be easy to pick between Cherry Brown and Gateron Brown.

Both switches have their benefits and drawbacks, so it can be hard to determine which one is the best for you.

Gateron Browns are known for their smooth feel and tactile feedback.

They are also quiet, making them a good option for people who want a keyboard that doesn’t make much noise. But, they can be prone to chatter, which can be annoying for some people.

Cherry Browns are known for their reliability and durability.

They also offer strong tactile feedback that many people find satisfying.

But, they can be pretty loud, which may not be ideal for some users.

So, Which switch is better? That depends on your preferences.

Cherry MX Brown is better for the switch’s quality, reliability, and durability.

The bump on the Cherry MX browns is incredible.

Gateron Brown is better if you are on a budget and want smooth actuation with a little tactile bump.

But you won’t get enough tactility in Gateron Browns.

Having the tactile bump is more critical than the smoothness of clicks for a tactile switch.

So, I would recommend Cherry MX Browns over Gateron Browns.

Is Gateron Switches better than Cherry?

The debate between Cherry MX switches and Gateron switches has been heated for some time now.

Some people swear by the Cherry MX switches, while others prefer the Gateron switches. So, which one is better?

Cherry MX switches are often considered the gold standard.

But, the Gateron switches are excellent as an alternative.

They both have a good lineup of mechanical switches of different types. The Gateron switches give a smoother experience.

You can choose a Gateron or a Cherry MX switch to consider the Price or the Durability.

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown FAQs

Q. Is Gateron Brown more tactile than Cherry MX Brown?

No, the Gateron Brown switches are not more tactile than Cherry MX Brown switches.
They have a lesser tactile bump than Cherry MX Brown but have an added smoothness.

Q. Is Gateron Brown loud?

Gateron Brown switches are not particularly loud as clicky MX Blue switches.
Also, they are not as quiet as MX Red linear switch types.
They are a good option for people who want a responsive switch that is still quiet. Gateron Brown switches are not particularly loud as clicky MX Blue switches.
Also, they are not as quiet as MX Red linear switch types.
They are a good option for people who want a responsive switch that is still quiet.

Q. Is Gateron Brown tactile?

Yes, Gateron Brown switches are tactile.

They provide a noticeable bump when you press them down, making them ideal for typing.

Q. Are Cherry Brown switches silent?

No, Cherry Brown is not silent.
They are a type of switch that has a clicking sound when you press the keys.

Q. Can you feel the bump on Gateron Brown?

Yes, you can feel the bump on Gateron Brown switches, but the bump is soft, so it is not much noticeable.

Conclusion: Should you buy Gateron Brown or Cherry Brown?

Let’s conclude the post on Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown!

Gateron Brown switches are a great alternative to Cherry Brown switches.

They have a similar feel to Cherry MX at a lower price. 

They also have a smoother texture to the clicks with a lower bump.

As per experience, the Cherry MX Browns are superior to the Gateron Browns.

Unless you are on a strict budget, you can consider Cherry MX Browns, the ideal tactile switch.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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