Gateron Switches: Definitive Guide (2023 Updated!)

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There are many types of Gateron switches, each with its own unique properties that make them ideal for different uses.

This blog post will provide a complete in-depth Gateron switches guide.

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Gateron Switches

Let’s get started!

Gateron Switches Introduction

If you have already searched for a mechanical switch for your mechanical keyboard, then you must have heard about the Gateron switches.

They are designed and manufactured in Southern China by Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

These switches provide excellent tactile feedback and a satisfying click when pressed. Gateron switches are a must-have for any PC gamer, and these switches come in a wide variety of options.

These switches are available in the market at reasonable prices, and they are pretty easy to use and are a popular choice among users.

They are often compared to the Cherry MX switches lineup as they both have a very comprehensive switch lineup covering several switch types.

The switches are made from the highest quality materials and are durable. They are the most popular choice for gamers due to their tactile feel and high performance.

There are different switches from Gateron which are:

  1. Gateron Switches Main Lineup,
  2. Gateron Low Profile Switches,
  3. Gateron Ink Switches,
  4. Gateron Silent Switches,
  5. Gateron Cap Switches

1. Gateron Switches: The Main Lineup

Gateron Switches The Main Lineup

This is the main lineup of the Gateron switches and is very good in quality.

Switch NameTypeTravel DistanceActuation ForceNoise LevelMount Type
1. Gateron Red SwitchLinear2mm Actuation45gLowPCB
2. Gateron Black SwitchLinear2mm Actuation60gLowPCB
3. Gateron Blue SwitchClicky2mm Actuation55gHighPCB
4. Gateron Brown SwitchTactile2mm Actuation45gMediumPCB
5. Gateron Yellow SwitchLinear2mm Actuation50gLowPCB
6. Gateron Green SwitchClicky2mm Actuation80gHighPCB
7. Gateron White SwitchLinear2mm Actuation35gLowPCB

To know about the typing experience comparison of clicky, linear, and tactile switches, you can read our article.

#1. Gateron Red Switch

Gateron Red

Gateron red switches are designed to emulate the feel of Cherry MX Reds. These are linear switches from Gateron. They’re ideal for typists who prefer linear but also want the switches to allow rapid execution of their keypresses.

The actuation force required is significantly lower for these Red gaterons. You can type with them in a breeze.

The sound profile of the Red switch is silent. You will also feel that these are extra smooth compared to the brown and blue switch.

Its smooth keystroke will feel like a hot knife gliding through butter.

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#2. Gateron Black Switch

Gateron Black Switch

Similar to Gateron reds, Gateron blacks are linear that have a tactile point and an audible click on keystroke.

They’re perfect for typists who want the feel of Cherry Black switches without sacrificing speed or having to press down as hard on their keys.

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#3. Gateron Blue Switch

Gateron Blue

Gateron blue switches are designed to emulate the feel of Cherry Blue from Cherry MX switch variants. This is a clicky switch from Gateron Mechanical Switch.

They’re perfect for typists who like tactile but want audible feedback with a noticeable bump when the key is pressed and less resistance from their keyboard when typing.

The Gateron Blue is a loud switch. They have a noticeably high actuation point.

You will notice a loud clicking noise and a bumpy feel of each keypress on the keyboard. Many may feel Gateron blue is noisy and can annoy your peers if you work in a quiet office space.

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#4. Gateron Brown Switch

Gateron Red

This is the only Gateron Variant without any click or bumps on keystroke, Gateron browns are tactile.

They’re perfect for typists who want the feel of Brown Cherry switches without sacrificing speed, comfort when typing, or audible feedback on keystrokes.

This is in between the clicky and the tactile switches. So, you will get tactile feedback though the noise is less.

You can check the complete review of the Gateron brown switch here.

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#5. Gateron Green Switch

Gateron Red

The final Gateron variant is Gateron green switches, which have been designed to emulate the feel of Cherry Green Gateron.

They’re perfect for typists who like tactile, but want a linear switch with audible feedback on keystrokes without sacrificing speed or comfort while typing.

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#6. Gateron Yellow Switch

Gateron Red

Yellow Gaterons is of linear type. The activation force needed to press the switches is higher than the Red variant of Gateron.

The Gateron Yellow switch is great for regular usages like typing and casual gaming.

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Other Gateron Switches are a popular type of keyboard switch, often used in gaming keyboards. They are known for their tactile feedback and high-speed response.

2. Gateron Low Profile Switches

The Gateron Low-Profile Switches are designed to provide a solution for those who demand a more compact switch design with lower travel.

The switches are available in both linear and tactile switches and are available in a variety of colors.

Switch NameTypeTravel DistanceActuation ForceNoise LevelMount Type
Gateron Red SwitchLinear2mm Actuation50gLowPCB
Gateron Blue SwitchLinear2mm Actuation52gLoudPCB
Gateron Brown SwitchTactile2mm Actuation55gMediumPCB

3. Gateron Ink Switches

Gateron Ink Switches

Gateron Ink Switches are designed for gaming and are known for their durability and fast response.

They have a smoky-colored top with the switch’s respective color. The housing does not look transparent.

Switch NameTypeTravel DistanceActuation ForceNoise LevelMount Type
Gateron Red SwitchLinear2mm Actuation45gLowPCB
Gateron Black SwitchLinear2mm Actuation60gLowPCB
Gateron Silent Black SwitchLinear2mm Actuation60gHighPCB
Gateron Yellow SwitchLinear1.5 mm Actuation60gLowPCB
Gateron Blue SwitchClicky2mm Actuation60gHighPCB
Gateron Kangaroo SwitchTactile1.5 mm Actuation58gLowPCB

4. Gateron Silent Switches

Gateron Silent Switches are a new type of switch designed to reduce noise levels. They are available in mechanical and optical variants and are suitable for gaming and standard desktop applications.

Switch NameTypeTravel DistanceActuation ForceNoise LevelMount Type
Gateron Silent Clear SwitchLinear2mm Actuation45 gLowPCB
Gateron Silent Black SwitchLinear2mm Actuation60gLowPCB
Gateron Silent Red SwitchLinear2mm Actuation45gLowPCB
Gateron Silent Brown SwitchTactile2mm Actuation60gHighPCB
Gateron Yellow SwitchLinear1.5 mm Actuation60gLowPCB

5. Gateron Cap Switch

Gateron Cap Switch

Gateron Cap switches are the newest from the Gateron Switches lineup. They came in several variants like the Milky-Yellow, Golden-Yellow, Golden-Brown, Red, Blue, and Brown.

The Golden colors look unique, unlike the other Gateron Switch lineup.

The specialty of the Gateron Cap switches is that they have an extended switch step which makes them more stable when you actuate them.

Switch NameTypePre-Travel DistanceActuation ForceNoise LevelMount Type
Gateron Golden Yellow cap SwitchLinear2mm50gQuietPCB
Gateron Milky Yellow Cap SwitchLinear2mm50gQuietPCB
Gateron Golden Brown Cap SwitchTactile2mm45gLowPCB
Gateron Red Cap SwitchLinear2mm45gQuietPCB
Gateron Brown Cap SwitchTactile2mm55gLowPCB
Gateron Blue Cap SwitchClicky2mm60gHighPCB

Gateron Switches Pros and Cons

Now we have several pros and cons too:

Gateron Switches Pros

  • Gateron switches are budget-friendly
  • These are very durable and can be used for typing, gaming, and general-purpose work too.
  • Gaterons are smooth and do not have any scratchiness when clicked.
  • They have a wide variety of mechanical switches range to suit your needs.

Gateron Switches Cons

It comes with slight pre-lubing from the factory. Someone may not like lubing switches at all in the case of clicky blue switches.

Otherwise, Nothing much cons of Gateron switches.

Which Gateron switch is the fastest?

Gateron reds have the fastest actuation rate (i.e., the force required to press and activate a key measured in Millimeters) of any Gateron available.

It makes them perfect for gamers to enhance the gaming experience or typists who want to input text without having to slow down.

Other fast Gateron switches are Gateron Black and Gateron Blue. Gateron blacks are also fast and offer a tactile bump on keystroke with an audible click while requiring less force to activate than Gateron reds.

Gateron blues are also very fast but don’t have any tactile bump on keystrokes and instead deliver an audible click on the actuation of a key.

They’re perfect for gamers who want speed without unnecessary clicks interfering with their gameplay while providing enough feedback when a keystroke is registered.

Gateron Switches Overall Review

Gateron switches are said to be one of the most popular types of mechanical switches on the market. Gateron switches can be considered a great alternative to Cherry MXs and come in various different colors.

They offer a smoother, lighter touch than Cherry MXs. Gaterons can be excellent if you are building your mechanical keyboard on a budget.

In terms of quality and longevity, the Gateron switches are good and support 50 million keystrokes per key.

The main point to choosing Gateron switches is the switches are they are cheaper as compared to the other brand switches for mechanical keyboards.

Gateron Switches vs Cherry MX

Gateron and Cherry MX are very similar in terms of switch shape. Though they are very similar in build, shape, and housing, there are several differences to these too:

Gateron SwitchesCherry MX
DurabilityThese are durableThese are Durable
Switch Types AvailableClicky, Tactile, and LinearClicky, Tactile, and Linear
PriceGaterons are cheaper and budget-friendlyCherry Mx switches are expensive
Keystroke50 million keystroke support per key50 million keystroke support per key
Smoothness of KeysSmoother than Cherry MX with no noticeable scratchinessHas a bit of scratchiness on the keypress

Where to buy Gateron Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

Gateron switches of all variants including the Gateron optical switches are available in many stores online. You can also find Gateron switches as separate and assembled with a keyboard.

You can find Gateron switches on Amazon.

You can purchase directly from Gateron Website. However, note that there is a remote area shipping fee, that would be charged if your Zip code is in a remote location. You can check their shipping policy page for more details.

What keyboards use Gateron?

Here are some of the awesome keyboards available at Amazon where you would find Gateron switches being used.

SaleBestseller No. 1
EPOMAKER TH80-X Gasket Mechanical Keyboard, 75% Layout Triple Mode Hot-swap Gaming Keyboard with 4000mAh Battery, LCD Screen, NKRO, RGB for Office/Win/Mac (White, Gateron Pro Yellow)
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Gateron Switches FAQs

Q. What is the loudest Gateron switch?

Gateron Blue are the loudest Gateron switches as they have a clicky sound attached to them and provide feedback to the user on every click.

Q. Which is the fastest Gateron switch?

Gateron reds are the fastest Gateron switch.

Q. Which is the Quietest Basic Gateron Switch?

Gateron Red is the quietest Gateron switch of Linear type.

Q. Are Gateron Switches Pre-lubed?

Yes, Gateron switches are slightly lubed from the factory.


Let’s conclude the post on Gateron Switches!

Gateron is an excellent company that manufactures good-quality switches for mechanical keyboards at an affordable price.

Gateron switches are a great way to enhance any gaming keyboard.

With their quick response time, Gateron switches which are Cherry MX Clones will improve your gaming experience and allow you to be more precise in your keystrokes.

They have been tested extensively and provide a quick response time for gamers. I recommend checking out Gateron switches for building up your mechanical keyboard.

You can choose as per your personal preference.

Overall, they are one of the best switches out there in terms of overall experience in gaming and typing.

I hope you liked the post.

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