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Gateron Yellow Review: Are these Good?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Gateron has a good range of keyboard switches which are cheaper than Cherry MX. The Gateron Yellow comes in their linear switch segment.

Linear switches are mechanical switches without any clicking noise or any feedback. 

Gateron Linear Switches are smooth and snappy and they give an awesome experience during actuation in gaming and typing. These switches have a consistent linear feel to them.

In this post, I will discuss a complete Gateron Yellow review, with my experience and would help you to know about it.

Let’s get started!

What are Gateron Yellow Switches?

Gateron Yellow switches are linear switches from Gateron with fast and snappy clicks. These are very popular and useful for typing and gaming.

Gateron Yellow Review
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They perform incredible out of the box and do not require additional lubing. You will get slightly lubed from the factory. This would make sure these switches are smooth from the first day itself and it makes using these switches enjoyable.

Specifications of Gateron Yellow

Switch TypeLinear switches
Actuation force50g
Pre-travel distance2mm
Total Travel Distance4mm
SmoothnessSwitches are smooth and no scratchiness on actuation

Gateron Yellow Review

Gateron switches are some of the most popular and reliable switches on the market.

They have a consistent, linear feel that makes them a favorite for many keyboard enthusiasts.

Halo True

The 50g actuation force is perfect for those who like a slightly heavier switch within the linear segment.

These come in PCB Mount with 5 pins makes them easy to install on any keyboard.

The total travel distance of Gateron switches is like the other industry-standard of linear switches which is 4.0mm.

Why should you choose this Switch?

Gateron linear switches have an actuation force of 50g, making them a great choice for those who prefer a medium touch when typing(light touches are around 45g actuation).  

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The switch is very smooth to type on and this can be the reason that you choose to use them. I love the Gateron linears as they are awesome still being budget-friendly.

My Experience

The Gateron Yellow Linear switch is a new type of mechanical switch that is more smooth and quiet compared to the old mechanical switches. 

They are a bit lighter on the pocket too. I am pleased with this switch and recommend it.

Build Quality

Gateron switches are well built and its yellow switches have an incredible build too. There are no complaints about using these switches for intensive tasks whether you use them for typing or gaming regularly.

These switches have good durability added to the build quality.

Actuation Force

The actuation force is an important part of mechanical switches.

These Gateron Yellow linears have an actuation force of 50g which is somewhere in the lower range of actuation and not much hard to actuate.

The other high-quality linears are available even at 45g actuation like the Cherry Mx Red switches.

You will not notice much difference in actuation is 5g more actuation than the 45g. It won’t be a huge difference to consider these switches.

With its infused smoothness, the Gateron Yellow linears feel excellent in their actuation without actually tiring your fingers when typed for hours.

Sound Profile

The Gateron Yellow linears sound unique and does not make noise in its clicks.

Typing Experience

Linear switches are known from the typing experience they provide and are good for regular use and gaming.

Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual gamer you will love using these Gateron Yellows regularly.

Gaming Experience

The gaming experience is an important factor in choosing a mechanical switch.

Generally, the linear switches are good for gaming. 

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Pros and Cons of Gateron Yellow

Here are the pros and cons of the Gateron Yellow switches:


  • Gateron Yellows are very smooth without much scratchiness
  • Comes lightly pre-lubed from factory. So, gets to be smooth out of the box.
  • They have a moderately light spring(50g) which makes them easy to press.
  • They have a low click noise which makes them good for typing in low noise environment like offices, library etc.


  • Bit heavier than the other industry-standard linears(50g than the standard 45g in MX red).

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Are Gateron Yellow Worth it?

Gateron Yellows are fast and snappy linear switches for typing and gaming. These are worth it to consider for typing and gaming. These justify the price for the value they give.

The feel is very good and you will enjoy using them regularly. If you have already used other linear switches before like Cherry MX Red, then it may not be worth to upgrade.

However, if you are switching from other switch type, then these would be an awesome choice to consider.

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Gateron Yellow FAQs

Q. Are Gateron yellows heavy?

Gateron Yellow switches are moderate in actuation with an actuation force of 50g.

Q. Are Gateron yellow tactile?

Gateron yellows are not tactile. They are of linear type.

Q. Are Gateron yellows wobbly?

Gateron Yellow stems wobble a bit but that is not much noticeable.

Q. Do you need to film Gateron yellow?

Gateron Yellow switches are lightly lubed from the factory and do not require additional film application. Still, you can apply additional lube to the Gateron yellow switches to make them better.

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Q. What type of switch is Gateron yellow?

Gateron Yellow switches are linear types of mechanical switches.

Q. Are Gateron yellow switches the fastest?

Gateron Yellow switches are the fastest among the Gateron variants.

Conclusion: Should you buy Gateron Yellow?

Let’s conclude the post on the Gateron Yellow review!

Gateron linear switches are a great option for those looking for a reliable, consistent switch with a moderate actuation force. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.