Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda: Differences (What’s Better?)

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Both the switches have the Pandas in name common. However, the Holy Panda and the Glorious Panda are different mechanical switches.

If you are looking to compare Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda, then this is the right post.

These names are trendy in the keyboard communities, and fans like them very much as their switch choice.

Let’s dive into the comparison to get to know the differences and which is better.

Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda

Holy PandasGlorious Pandas
Made fromThe stem of Halo Clear or Halo True and housing of InverHas Inver Housing but their own manufactured stem
Lubed/ Unlubed SwitchesUnlubedLubed(lubed with G Lube from Glorious) and Unlubed variant present.
Spring Actuation67g67g
holy panda vs glorious panda

What are Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda switches are from Drop and are tactile switches. This switch is made from The stem of Halo Clear or Halo true and the housing of the Inver.

The switch has a base made from Nylon and top housing made from polycarbonate material.

To know more about holy panda switches, you can read the article here.

Drop Holy Pandas Unboxing and Review

What are Glorious Panda switches?

The Glorious pandas are from the PC Gaming Race(Glorious Brand). The Glorious Pandas switches have a stem of their own and housing from Inver.

Glorious Panda Unboxing and review

Build Quality

The Holy Pandas and the Glorious Pandas are exceptional in terms of durability and consistency during the clicks.

Let’s talk about the crucial parts of the built quality for a switch with Stem, Spring and Bottom Shell.

Switch Stem

The stem of the Holy Pandas is from Halo Clear or Halo True, which is excellent and renowned.

Glorious has used its own branded stem in Glorious Pandas, which has a lesser pre-travel distance than the Holy Pandas.

Having lesser pre-travel would be great to get tactile feedback and a response from the switches.

Switch Spring 

Spring is a vital part of a switch and especially when it is a tactile switch.

The feedback and the jump of the key after the keypress would be from the spring itself.

For both the Holy Pandas and the Glorious Pandas the spring has an actuation force of 67g which is greater than any other tactile switches from Cherry Mx or Kailh.

Still, the response and clickiness are great for both the Holy Pandas and the Glorious Pandas.

Switch Bottom Shell 

The Bottom shell of the Holy Pandas and the Glorious pandas are from the Inver.

So, they are similar in terms of specifications and the features they deliver.

Nylon is a great material to be used in the bottom shell and both of these use the Nylon material.

Typing Feel of Glorious Panda and Holy Panda

The Holy pandas is a tactile feedback switch for mechanical keyboards. They do not sound as loud as the Cherry Mx Blues but have a higher sound than the Linear Red switches.

The clicks have tactile feedback, and each of the clicks feels snappy.

You would enjoy how good the click feels using Holy Panda switches.

The Glorious Pandas are also a tactile switch and have a great clicky and snappier typing experience.

However, the Glorious Pandas have two variants. One comes pre-lubed and another without lubed to you. 

The one without lubed sounds a bit louder than the lubed Glorious Pandas, and the unlubed one feels a bit more tactile.

One thing that Glorious Panda switches excel in is that their switches are smoother and great to use for typing for a long duration.

It is a snappier, tactile though smooth combination blended in a mechanical switch. 

It’s really awesome, isn’t it?

Are there any Downsides?

Let’s talk about the downside of the Glorious Pandas and the Holy Pandas if any.

The Glorious Pandas and the Holy Pandas both use opaque housing.

Housing being opaque means that the RGB color that emits would be lesser than transparent housing switches.

It still looks incredible with RGB lighting.

My View: Which is Better of Holy Pandas and Glorious Pandas?

Both the switches are great for typing and gaming. If you like the smoother one,

you can go for the Glorious Pandas, and if you want more tactile feedback, you can opt for the Holy Pandas.

These switches are worth upgrading.

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Let’s conclude the post!

I hope you liked the comparison of Glorious Panda vs Holy Panda.

You would surely take your workspace to the next level with these Panda switches.

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