Logitech M331 vs M190 : Differences (Which is better?)

If you are looking for some good quality wireless mouse under a mid-tier budget then you would get Logitech M190 and M331 mouse. You might be confused about making a decision between M190 and M331 from Logitech.

Both the mice are wireless and would not clutter your workspace. After reading this complete post you would be able to choose the right mouse between M190 and M331 as I am going to compare both the mouse in terms of Connectivity, Build Quality, Performance, DPI, Technology Used, Size in detail.

Sometimes, when we like the clicks we hear from our mouse or even sometimes while doing some serious work which involves driving out some new ideas or work on innovations it’s good to have even your clicks silent.

Logitech M331 (Wireless + Silent Mouse)

Have you ever heard about a mouse that is even silent? The clicks sound won’t bother you even in a silent environment. Logitech innovated its mouse design and hardware and infused it with its innovation.

It has an ergonomic design that is perfectly aligned to fit your right hand.

In terms of Build Quality, Logitech M331 has a very strong build quality and has good rubberized side grips to facilitate the way you hold the mouse. This really helps a lot every time I use this mouse.

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You can watch M331 Unboxing to get a brief idea how it would be

Logitech M190 (Wireless Mouse) 

Logitech M190 is a great choice being a wireless mouse under Rs 1000. Logitech M190 has ambidextrous design and can be used for both left and right handed usage.

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Watch this unboxing for Logitech M190. This would give a good idea about the mouse.

Logitech M190 vs Logitech M331 Comparison Table

Below is a head to head comparison between M190 and M331 from Logitech in tabular form. 

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Comparison CriteriaLogitech M190Logitech M331
Mouse TypeWirelessWireless
Mouse SizeFull SizeFull Size
SilentNoYes (90% noise reduction)
Good For GamingYesYes
DPI1000 DPI1000 DPI
Battery Life18 Months24 Months
Design TypeAmbidextrous UsageOnly for Right Handed Usage
Supported OSMac Os, Windows, LinuxMac Os, Windows, Linux


Downsides for Logitech M331:

  • Not suitable for Left hand users as the design of M331 is purely based for Right handed users.

Downsides for Logitech M190:

  • Not much downsides. Almost it is overall.
  • If you need a silent mouse then M331 is an awesome choice.

Which one is better between M190 and M331?

Both are best for different users. 

If you are a right handed user then M331 is better.

If you are a left handed user then M190 is the choice.

M331 would be quieter by 90% and can be used even when silence is priority like if you work while your kids sleep or if you need a quieter mouse.

For most users you can work even without a silent mouse. I personally chose the Logitech M331 and have been using it since one year. I am very much satisfied with this Logitech M331 mouse.

Is Logitech M331 good for Gaming?

Logitech M331 is a silent mouse from Logitech and is certified to be silent. Though it is silent, it has no issues in terms of performance or lags even when you connect it and use for gaming.

I have used it even for gaming and it feels awesome for non FPS games and it works fine. For FPS(First Person Shooter), I would highly recommend choosing some good quality wired gaming mouse.

Are all Logitech Unifying receivers the same?

This is the common doubt for everyone who uses a Logitech Wireless Keyboard or a mouse. With each Logitech Wireless peripherals comes a Logitech Unifying Receiver.

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Logitech Unifying Receivers are designed to facilitate multiple keyboard and mouse connection with a single receiver. This improves connecting multiple Logitech Wireless Peripherals with your device easily with a single connector.


Both mouse M190 and M331 from Logitech are awesome in spec sheets and in terms of performance and usage are really good to use as a daily driver. 

Hope you liked the comparison between a silent and a non-silent mouse from Logitech.