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Sony is a well-known brand globally and since its inception, it has given us all of its quality products ranging from Smart TVs, Home Theatres, and more.

The electronics part is one of the divisions, but you will come to know here what more they do also in different types of verticals.

Let’s get started exploring Sony’s history and more details about its brand.

Who owns Sony?

Sony is a subsidiary of the Japanese Sony Group Corporation, managed by Sony’s American subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America.

Who was the founder of Sony?

Masaru Ibuka initiated a radio center in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo after the end of World War (second). Later joined by Akio Morita, the duo collaborated to form a company The Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K K.

History Of Sony 

Sony is the parent company of Sony Group. It is an electronics multinational conglomerate. It produces TVs, video game consoles, computers, media players, etc.


A Japanese electronics businessman Masaru Ibuka founded the company Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Corporation later named Sony. He was later joined by Akio Morita another fellow businessman.

Shortly the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange began listing Sony stocks. The ten top shareholders of Sony were largely located in Japan.

Currently, Sony’s headquarters complex is in Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

The organization has appointed excellently skilled personalities for their post like Shuzo Sumi (Chairman of the board), Kazuo Matsunaga (Vice Chairman of the board), Kenichiro Yoshida (Chairman, President&CEO), Shigeki Ishizuka (Vice Chairman).

The Japanese tape recorder called Type-G was the first product of this company. Ibuka later convinced the transistor inventor Bell Lab to license the transistor technology to his Japanese company. Ibuka’s company takes the credit to make transistors commercially successful for the first time, although it is not responsible for manufacturing the product then.

In August 1955, Japan’s first commercially produced transistor radio TR-55 was released by Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. Shortly they released TR-72, a very popular device in Japanese as well as export markets. In 1956 TR-6 was released featuring an innovative slim design and sound quality capable of rivaling portable tube radios.

Another wonderful release was the TR-63 in 1957, which was the smallest transistor radio in commercial production.

This Sony product strikingly opened the US market and launched a new industry of consumer microelectronics.

Sony also launched the world’s first integrated circuit radio, the ICR-100 in 1967. In 1958 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo changed its name to “Sony.” 

In 1960 Sony Corporation of America was established and was the company’s first subsidiary in America. It was in this year that Sony launched the world’s first non-projection type all-transistor and portable television Sony TV8-301.

1961 came with Sony releasing the world’s first compact transistor VTR, the SonyPV100. The year 1968 experienced the charm of the Sony legendary color television set Trinitron.

In the following years, Sony prowled with Sony TC-50, a compact cassette recorder in 1969. It was a boon for NASA astronauts for Apollo7.

The invention of SonyWalkman was out of the desire for listening to classical music from the curator Masaru Ibuka himself. Walkman’s first stereo cassette player was launched in 1979.

The first commercial video cassette recorder was released by Sony this year with the official launch of the VP-1100 two years later.

The first ever EMMY awarded to an electronic was received by Sony in 1973.

Sony brought Digital Revolution by launching the SonyCDP-101, the world’s first Compact Disk Player in 1981. A 3.5-inch floppy disk structure was introduced by Sony in the same year which quickly became the de facto standard.

The Sony XC-1 a color video camera was also produced by Sony along with Sony Mavica which was the world’s first prototype commercial electronic still camera. The year 1991 witnessed the release of the first lithium-ion battery by Sony jointly with Asahi Kasei.

This came up as a leader in the field of the rechargeable battery industry.

Sadly the masterpiece faced a massive scandal for defective battery in 2006. Sony also was the innovator of the Memory Stick, a flash memory storage format in 1998 which was eventually considered a failure.

Other failed attempts by Sony include Betamax, MiniDisc and Universal Media Disc.2006 saw the release of Blu Ray Disc format by Sony in association with Blu Ray association. 

The iconic legend Steve Jobs considered his fascination for Sony and regarded the company as being in a league of their own other than its competitors.

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, Sony expanded vigorously into multidimensional businesses like Film(Sony Picture Entertainment), Insurance(Sony Life), Banking(SonyBank), internet service providing(So-net), and gaming(Sony Interactive Entertainment). Sony elaborated its profile in multinational music label groups as well.

Here is a video below, that will help to explain Sony’s history to you visually.

Who is the biggest shareholder of Sony?

The breakdown of Sony Shareholders is likewise
0.06%% of Shares Held by All Insider
7.82%% of Shares Held by Institutions
7.82%% of Float Held by Institutions
666Number of Institutions Holding Shares

Top Institutional Holders of Sony are:-

Primecap Management Company25,331,098
Aristotle Capital Management, LLC13,263,531
Fisher Asset Management, LLC4,743,413
Morgan Stanley4,012,417
Bank of America Corporation3,551,955
Fiduciary Management, Inc.3,532,269
FMR, LLC1,861,374
Gamco Investors Inc1,792,086
Boston Partners1,697,593
Anomaly Capital Management, LP1,651,560

Top Mutual Fund Holders of Sony are:-

HolderSharesDate Reported% OutValue
Vanguard/Primecap Fund13,887,345Jun 29, 20221.10%1,117,931,272
Vanguard/Windsor II3,251,000Jul 30, 20220.26%261,705,500
Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund2,920,350Sep 29, 20220.23%235,088,175
Vanguard Fenway Fds-Primecap Core Fund1,844,900Jun 29, 20220.15%148,514,450
Vanguard Horizon Fund-Capital Opportunity Fund1,484,225Jun 29, 20220.12%119,480,112
Primecap Odyssey Stock Fund1,506,829Sep 29, 20220.12%121,299,734
FMI Large Cap Fund1,105,000Jun 29, 20220.09%88,952,500
Primecap Odyssey Growth Fund1,190,247Sep 29, 20220.09%95,814,883
John HaSony Wiki793,682Sep 29, 20220.06%63,891,401

SONY Subsidiaries

By Their Location

LocationSubsidiaries Name
Japan Solutions Corporation 
    Sony Energy Devices Corporation
    Sony Financial Holdings Inc. (62.99%)
        Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
        Sony Assurance Inc.
        Sony Bank Inc.
        Sony Lifecare Inc.
    Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
    Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. 
    Sony Visual Products Inc. 
    Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.
        Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc. (51%)
    Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation 
    Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation 
        Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation 
        Sony LSI Design Inc. 
    Sony Business
        Polyphony Digital Inc.
        ForwardWorks Corporation
    Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
        AK Holdings Corporation 
            Animax Broadcast Japan Inc.
            Kids Station Inc.
        AXN Japan Inc.
        Mystery Channel, Inc.
    Sony PCL Inc.
    Sony Facility Management Corporation
    Sony Marketing Co., Ltd.
    Sony Mobile Communications Inc. 
        Sony Mobile Communications Japan, Inc. 
        Sony Network Communications Inc.
            Sony Biz Networks Corporation
            So-net Media Networks Co., Ltd
            MotionPortrait, Inc.
    Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
        Sony Music Labels Inc.
        Sony Music Marketing Inc.
        Sony Music Communications Inc.
        Sony Music Artists Inc.
        Sony Creative Products Inc.
        Sony DADC Japan Inc.
    Sony Global Solutions Inc.
    Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. 
    Sony Global Education, Inc.
    P5, Inc. 
    FeliCa Networks, Inc. (57%)
    AII Inc. (60.9%)
    Frontage Inc. (60%)
    Sony Real Estate Corporation [16] (56.3%)
    M3 Inc.  (39.4%)
CanadaSony of Canada Ltd.
United States Sony Corporation of America
        Sony Interactive
        Sony USA
        Sony/ATV Music Publishing
        Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
        Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
        Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
        Sony Latin America
        Sony Creative Software
    Sony Magnetic Products
Latin America  Sony Argentina S.A.
    Sony Comercio e Industia Ltda. (Brazil)
    Sony Componentes Ltda. (Brazil)
    Sony da Amazonia Ltda. (Brazil)
    Sony Chile Ltda. (Chile)
    Sony de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
    Sony de Mexicali, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
    Sony Nuevo Laredo,S.A. de C.V. (México)
    Sony de Tijuana Oeste, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
    Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.
    Sony Puerto Rico, Inc.
Europe Sony Austria GmbH.
    Sony DADC Austria A.G.
    Sony DADC Europe Limited
    Sony DADC, OOO (Borovsk, Russia)
    Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V. (Brussels, Belgium)
    Sony Overseas S.A. (Switzerland)
    Sony Czech, spol. s.r.o.
    Sony Berlin G.m.b.H. (Germany)
    Sony Deutschland G.m.b.H. (Köln, Germany)
    Sony Europe GmbH (Germany)
    Sony Nordic A/S (Denmark)
    Sony Espana S.A. (Spain)
    Sony France S.A.
    Sony United Kingdom Ltd.
    Sony Global Treasury Service Plc (UK)
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited (UK)
    Sony Hungária kft (Hungary)
    Sony Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
    Sony Benelux B.V. (Netherlands)
    Sony Europa B.V. (Netherlands)
    Sony Logistics Europe B.V. (Netherlands)
    Sony Poland Sp.z.o.o. (Poland)
    Sony Portugal Ltda. (Portugal)
    Sony Slovakia s r. o. (Slovakia)
    Sony Mobile Communications AB (100%) (Sweden; head office in the United Kingdom)
China and Hong Kong   Sony (China) Ltd.
    Beijing Suohong Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Suoguang Visual Products Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Suoguang Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Sony Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
    Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.
    Sony International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
South Korea Sony Electronics of Korea Corporation
    Sony Korea Corporation
India    Sony India Private Limited
    Sony India Software Services Pvt. Ltd
South East Asia and Oceania    PT. Sony Electronics Indonesia
    Sony Electronics (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.
    Sony Technology (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.
    Sony Philippines, Inc.
    Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. LTD.
    Sony Magnetic Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    Sony Mobile Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    Sony Siam Industries Co., Ltd.
    Sony Australia Limited
    Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty. Ltd
    Sony New Zealand Ltd.
    Sony Vietnam Ltd.
Middle East    Sony Middle East and Africa FZE (UAE)
    Sony Eurasia Pazarlama A.S. (Turkey)
Source: Wiki

By Their Industry Business Segment

Business SegmentSony’s Subsidiaries and Affiliate’s Names
Film and television production and distribution Sony Pictures Entertainment, including:
 Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group
 Columbia Pictures
                Ghost Corps
            TriStar Pictures
                TriStar Productions
            Triumph Films
            Sony Pictures Classics
            Screen Gems
            Sony Pictures Imageworks
            Sony Pictures Animation
            Sony Pictures Releasing
            Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group
                Destination Films
                Stage 6 Films
                Affirm Films
            Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
                Sony Wonder
                Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (joint venture with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment}
        Sony Pictures Television
            Califon Productions, Inc.
            Jeopardy Productions, Inc.
            CPT Holdings
            TriStar Television
            Tandem Licensing Corporation
            ELP Communications
            Adelaide Productions
            Culver Entertainment
            Starling Productions
            Lean-M Producers Center
            Gogglebox Entertainment
            Left Bank Pictures
            Electric Ray
            Stellify Media
            Playmaker Media
            Fable Pictures
            Embassy Row
                Funimation Films
            GSN (58% ownership with AT&T Entertainment Group)
            Sony Movie Channel
            Sony Entertainment Television Asia
                Sony Entertainment Television India
            SET Max
            Sony MIX
            SET PIX
            Sony ESPN(joint venture with ESPN, Inc.)
            Sony MAX (joint venture with DStv)
            Sony SIX
            SAB TV
            More Than Movies
            CSC Media Group
                Tiny Pop
                True Channels
                    True Movies 1
                    True Movies 2
                    True Crime
                    True Entertainment
                    True Drama
                Chart Show TV
                Chart Show Dance
                Starz TV
                The Vault
                Film1 Premiere
                Film1 Action
                Film1 Family
                Film1 Drama
                Film1 On Demand and GO
            Cine Sony Television
            Lifetime Latin America (joint venture with A+E Networks Latin America, distributed by HBO Latin America Group)
            TruTV (UK and Ireland)
        Sony Pictures Digital
        Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Inc.
            Madhouse (joint venture with Nippon Television, Dentsu, VAP, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, WOWOW, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
            Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. (joint venture with Sunrise, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, and Nihon Ad Systems)

                Animax Asia
                    Animax (India)
                    Animax (Pakistan)
                    Animax (South Korea) (joint venture with YG Entertainment)
                Animax Europe
                    Animax (United Kingdom)
                    Animax (Germany)
Foundations and schoolsSony Foundation for Education
Sony Music Foundation
Sony USA Foundation Inc.
Sony Foundation Australia Trustee Ltd.
Sony of Canada Science Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Sony Europe Foundation
Sony Gakuen Shohoku College
Video and online gamesSony Interactive Entertainment -PlayStation and Gaikai
        SIE Japan Studio
        Polyphony Digital
        Naughty Dog
        ICE Team
        SIE Santa Monica Studio
        SIE San Diego Studio
        SIE Bend Studio
        SIE Foster City Studio
        SIE London Studio
        Guerrilla Games
        Media Molecule
        Sucker Punch Productions
        SN Systems
Music BusinessSony/ATV Music Publishing
    EMI Music Publishing (38% with The Michael Jackson Company LLC )
    Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
        Columbia Records
        RCA Records
        Epic Records
        Sony Music India
        Sony Music Nashville
        Sony Masterworks
        Sony Music Latin
        Legacy Recordings
        Provident Label Group
        Columbia Records UK
        RCA Label Group (UK)
        Syco Music (50%)
        The Orchard
            RED Distribution
        Sony Music Entertainment Japan
                A-1 Pictures Inc.
                Bancho Inc.
                Aniplex of America Inc.
                    Aniplex Channel
Source: Wiki

More Information About SONY

What was Sony’s first product?

Sony’s first consumer product was an electric rice cooker which was not very popular with its sale. Although the first Japanese- designed tape recorder was also introduced by Sony, which was then Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo.

The first Sony-branded product was the TR-55 transistor radio in 1955, under this name which changed later in January 1958.

What was Sony originally known for?

Sony originally was known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo KK (The Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation). Sony, in full.

Sony Corporation is a major Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics products. Among its other ventures film, music, and financial services were also included.

What makes Sony different from other companies?

Sony integrates features that make its products attractive and profitable. They use differentiation as their generic strategy for competitive advantage.

This differentiation makes Sony products unique in comparison to other products in the market.

 Some of Sony’s most notable strengths are 

  • Strong brand. One of Sony’s greatest assets is its well-recognized and highly-valued brand. …
  • History of innovation. …
  • Growing industry. …
  • High price tags. …
  • Weak mobile presence. …
  • Emerging markets. …
  • Product diversification. …
  • Low-cost competitors.

Is Sony owned by Disney?

Sony is not owned by Disney in true words. In 2021, The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a multi-year, Content Licensing Agreement.

This license got them an agreement for US streaming and TV rights to Sony Pictures’ new theatrical release across Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution’s vast portfolio of platforms.

Who owns Sony PlayStation?

A video gaming that consists of five home video game consoles, two handhelds, a media center, and a smartphone as well as an online service and multiple magazines, is officially abbreviated as PlayStation.

The brand is produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony. The first PlayStation console was released in Japan in December 1994, which was followed worldwide later.

Who owns Sony Entertainment?

An American entertainment company established Sony Entertainment in 2012. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese Sony Group Corporation, which is managed by Sony’s American subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America.

It features in most of Sony’s motion picture, television, and music business.

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