Banana Split Switches: Review & Complete Guide(2023)

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Switches are a vital part of mechanical keyboards. There are many different types of switches, from clicky, tactile switches to linear switches. Banana Split switches are smooth linear switches designed by C3 Equalz and manufactured by JWK with no tactile bump and a small amount of audible noise.

Banana Split Switches are a great option in the linear switch type.

This is the right post if you are looking for a guide on Banana Split Switches, their review, and different questions about the banana split.

The best thing about these switches is that they have an excellent feel, and they also come at a very affordable price point.

banana split switches review

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What are Banana Split Switches?

Banana Split switches are a linear type of switch. The housing is composed of a blend of nylon, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. The switch has an actuation of 62g. They are manufactured by JWT and are designed by C3 Equalz. These switches have a gold-plated spring which is great. 

Each unit ordered comes with 25, 50, 75, and 100 Banana Split switch options.

C3 Equalz Banana Split Switches Review

Banana Split switches designed by C3 Equalz are an excellent option for Linear types of mechanical switches.

It belongs to the C3 Equalz snack time switch line like the Kiwi Switches and Tangerine Switches.

The actuation point is 62g, meaning that the spring requires 62 grams of force to actuate the switch.

The housing is nylon and polycarbonate-blend. The stem is made out of POM(Polyoxymethylene).

This switch is sold in packs of 25, 50, 75, or 100, which is a good option.

Also, this switch is very smooth to type, which is expected from a good-quality linear switch.

This is an excellent switch for folks who want a slimmer profile and smoother travel than Cherry MX Blues from the Cherry MX Switch variants.

Perfect for typing and gaming, and I like the smoothness it provides.

These switches are great for gaming and typing.

I like them for gaming, and I might look for a heavier switch like the MX Blues or Blacks.

But for typing and regular gaming, I prefer linear very much.

Banana Split Switches Specifications

Switch TypeLinear type of Mechanical Switches
Bottom out force62g
Spring PlatingGold Plated spring
Housing MaterialNylon and Polycarbonate blended housing
Stem MaterialPOM (Polyoxymethylene) Stem
Pre-lubedYes (Lightly lubed)
Designed ByC3 Equalz
Made byJWK

Banana Split Switches Sound Test

This switch is an excellent upgrade for any Cherry MX keyboard.

The banana split/macho switches feature a low profile and silent operation, making them ideal for gaming.

This quiet sound is like other linear available like the Red switches.

You will enjoy the banana split keyboard switch if you like silent-sounding keyboard switches.

Actuation Force

Actuation is the force needed to push the keys to register the keystroke on your keyboard.

With that being said, you must choose a mechanical keyboard with the perfect actuation force for your typing standards.

If the keyboard’s actuation is too high or too low, it could strain your hands or make it difficult to type. 

The Banana Split switches have an actuation force of 62g, higher but decent. It is higher than the renowned Red Linear from Cherry Mx which has an actuation force of 45g.

However, it feels comfortable to use the Banana Split switches, and there are no issues at all.


Performance is most important for any mechanical switch. For Banana split switches, the performance of a linear switch is top-notch. The actuation is fast, and you can click accurately and fast during gameplay.

This material also makes the key very responsive when you press it, so it feels like you’re typing on an MX switch.

This is great for someone who likes performance-packed mechanical switches without any sound or tactile feedback.

My Overall View on Banana Split Switches

I like using linear switches for gaming. Here, I would be reviewing linear switches known as the banana split switch, also known as a macho switch. Banana Split switches are the switches of choice for gaming.

It’s a switch I have grown to enjoy over the past month I have had it on my board. 

Banana Split switches can be a good choice considering the durability, performance, and overall feel of using these switches.

If you are a gamer, you will surely like this.

Are Banana Split Switches heavy?

Banana switch springs are 62g which feels slightly on the heavier side considering the Cherry Red to be only 45g actuation force.

Alpaca V2 vs Banana Split Switches: Which is better?

There is a similar linear switch that comes in comparison commonly to the Banana split switches, the Alpaca V2 switches.

Here is the comparison of Banana Split Switches with the Alpaca v2 switches.

Alpaca V2Banana Split Switches
Sound ProfileQuieterSilent and deep satisfying sound
Switch TypeLinearLinear
Typing experienceSmootherSmooth

Banana split switches sound to be deeper and faded type of sound which feels excellent when typing fast on the keyboard.

As compared to the Alpaca V2, they are much similar in terms of performance but the feel of the Banana Split switches is superior and you will enjoy using them for long hours.

Are Banana Split Switches good?

Banana Split switches are good Linear switches, and they are great for gaming and regular typing.

Banana split switches are great in terms of durability.

It has a gold-plated stem and an excellent built housing made of a Nylon and Polycarbonate blend, adding durability.

Banana Split switches are great in terms of performance and fast actuation as it provides. Overall, the Banana Split switches are reliable and perform well in terms of quality usage.

Are Banana Split Switches good for gaming?

Linear switches are great for gaming as they have a lower actuation and a faster one than other types of switches.

Banana Split switches are a linear type of mechanical switches and are excellent for gaming purposes.

Whether you play FPS games or Arcade Games, these switches would help you with their added durability, fast actuation, buttery smoothness, and no sound.

Are Banana Splits Hot-Swappable?

Banana Split switches support Hot-Swappable. You can swap the switches from the circuit board out easily without soldering.

It is convenient to have a Hot Swappable mechanical switch on the keyboard as it is easily replaceable and does not take the hassle to solder.

Is Banana Split switches MX?

Banana Split Switches are Cherry MX design switches.

If you use an MX switch-compatible board for your keyboard, then the Banana Split switches would work fine on them.

Where to buy Banana Split Switches?

Finding Banana Split switches may be challenging.

Most of the time, there are limited stocks of these, and they get sold out quickly.

Banana Switches are available in some of the selected stores below:

  • Alibaba, 
  • the keycompany, 
  • Ashkeebs.

You can pick the pack of Banana Split switches from there.

FAQs on Banana Split Switches

Q. What is the actuation force of Banana Split Switches?

Ans. The actuation force of Banana Split Switches is 62g which is good. The bottom-out force is 62g.

Q. How many Banana Split Switches do you get in one unit?

Ans. Single Units of Banana Split Switches are available with 25 switches, 50 switches, 75, or 100 switches.

Q. What kind of switches are Banana Splits?

Ans. Banana Split switches are linear-type mechanical switches.


Let’s conclude the post on Banana Split Switches review and complete the guide!

Banana split keyboard switches are something that not many people have heard of.

They are smooth and not many people have heard of Banana split keyboard switches, they are a smooth and great linear switch option.

Banana split switches are an excellent addition to any keyboard enthusiast’s collection.

Another similar option that you can look at as an alternative is the linear Tangerine switches.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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