Cherry MX Red vs MX Silent Red: Are there any differences?

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Mechanical keyboards have been all the rage lately, and for a good reason.

They offer a level of customization and responsiveness unmatched by traditional keyboards.

One of the most popular types of mechanical switches is Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Are you looking for a keyboard switch that is both quiet and responsive?

If so, you may be wondering whether to choose Cherry MX Silent Red or Cherry MX Red.

Cherry MX Red and Silent Red are both from the linear lineup of Cherry MX switches.

They are both linear switches, which means they both have the same feeling when you press them down.

They are both very popular among gamers because they are both very responsive.

The Silent Red switch is slightly quieter than the Red switch, and it also has a slightly longer travel distance.

So, what is the difference between Cherry MX Red and MX Silent Red? The major difference between Cherry MX Red and Silent is the Silent Red switch is quieter due to a rubber membrane that absorbs some of the noise made when the key is pressed. However, it is also less responsive than the MX Red switch.

The Silent Red switch is ideal for people who want quieter mechanical keyboards but don’t mind sacrificing responsiveness.

If you need the fastest response time possible, the Cherry MX Red switch is better.

Cherry MX Red vs MX Silent Red

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Cherry MX Red vs MX Silent Red

Cherry MX RedCherry MX Silent Red
Switch TypeLinear Mechanical SwitchesLinear Mechanical Switches
Actuation Force45cN45cN
Click SoundVery lowSilent
KeystrokesUp to 100 Million KeystrokesUp to 50 Million Keystrokes
Pre-Travel Distance2mm1.9mm
Total Travel Distance4mm3.7mm

Cherry MX Red Review

The Cherry MX Red switch is one of the most popular switches on the market.

It is a linear switch, meaning that it offers very little resistance as you press down on it.

This makes it ideal for gaming because you can quickly and easily press down on each key without worrying about resistance or the actuation force as it is only 45cN.

Cherry MX Red

The Cherry MX Red switch also has a very short travel distance with a pre-travel distance of 2.0 and 4.0mm total travel distance, meaning that you don’t have to push down on it very far before it registers a keystroke.

They have a linear response with a very predictable, non-tactile point of actuation.

The Red switch is an excellent choice for gaming and typing because of its smooth operation and light feel.

These Red Mx switches are built to withstand over 100 million keystrokes with gold crosspoint contacts.

These are available in both RGB and non-RGB variants.

Cherry MX Red switches can be best described as linear switches with no tactile feedback and low noise.

Its Gold Crosspoint contacts, which make up the heart of the switch, are designed to give you years of consistent, precise performance.

They are considered one of the best Cherry switch variants for gaming because they have a very smooth and consistent feel with very light resistance.

Cherry MX Red switches do not have any bump in the middle of their stroke-like the other Cherry switch variants, making the Red Cherry MX switches very consistent and comfortable to use.

Overall, the Red Cherry MX is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a fast and responsive switch.

The Red Cherry MX switch is the one that started it all, and its precise, soft feel makes it ideal for gamers, writers, and anyone who spends hours at the computer.

They are excellent for fast touch-typing and long writing sessions.

For gamers, they offer a great gaming experience with their fast response time and smooth action.

The Cherry MX Reds are hard to beat for the gamers looking for speed and responsiveness.

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Cherry Mx Silent Red Review

The Cherry MX Silent Red switch is the company’s latest mechanical keyboard switch.

It’s designed to offer a quieter typing experience without sacrificing performance.

So far, the Cherry MX Silent Red switch reviews have been positive.

Users report that it is quieter than other Cherry MX Regular Red switches and still offers a good level of performance.

Cherry Mx Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Red switches are the quietest mechanical keyboard switches from Cherry.

They feature a linear operation and a red stem.

The operating force or actuation force is 45cN, similar to the Cherry MX Red switches.

The pre-travel is 1.9 mm, and the total travel is 3.7 mm, lower than the Regular MX Red. They have an improved dampening that reduces the amount of noise generated during actuation.

These switches are defined as “silent” because they have an unusually smooth force curve with no bumps or clicks and have not at all any sound while typing.

This makes them quieter than most Cherry switches and even Regular Cherry MX Red.

These switches are primarily intended for gamers who are disturbed by the common clicking sound of regular Cherry switches and mainly for linear switch fans.

They are also good for environments that require quiet switches.

Like all Cherry MX switches, the MX Silent switches are rated for up to 50 million operations.

The switch features gold crosspoint contacts that ensure a smooth keypress action with a consistent bounce-back.

The MX Silent Red is available in both non-RGB and RGB varieties.

The non-RGB version is designed only to provide a smooth, linear experience.

In contrast, the RGB version allows users additionally to illuminate their mechanical keyboard with 16.8 million colors.

The Cherry MX Silent Red is a Cherry MX switch that has been designed for use in low-noise applications.

It features a noise reduction design that eliminates the clicking sound typically associated with mechanical keyboards.

This reduction of clicks is a massive improvement for linear switches, which Cherry MX has made in the switch design.

It also has a shorter travel distance than traditional Cherry MX switches, which makes it ideal for gaming and typing applications.

The switch is rated for 50 million keystrokes.

Overall, the Cherry MX Silent Red switch seems to be a promising addition to the Cherry MX lineup, and users are eager to see how it compares to other silent switches on the market.

The overall feel of the switch is very consistent, with no noticeable bumps or dead spots.

It also has a long lifespan, making it a great choice for busy professionals or gamers.

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The main difference between these two switches is their sound.

The “clicking” sound that MX switches make is noticeably reduced with Silent Reds.

Compared to regular MX Red switches, Silent Reds are designed to produce less noise due to the patented damping of click sound.

While typing, you can still hear the clicking of the Regular Cherry MX Reds, but in the case of the MX Silent Red, you will not hear anything while typing on the keyboard. It is almost silent.

Build Quality

Build quality is another area where these switches differ.

In terms of Durability, the Cherry Mx Red is superior to the Red Cherry MX Silent Switches as the Regular Cherry MX Red claims to be able to actuate more than 100 million actuation compared to Cherry Mx silent with 50 million actuation.

Which is better: MX Silent Red or regular MX Red?

The answer largely depends on your preferences and needs.

If you’re someone who hates any kind of noise, Silent Reds are definitely worth considering.

However, regular MX Reds will do the job just fine if you don’t mind a little bit of sound and want to save a few bucks.

Overall, I would say that the MX Cherry Silent Reds are better for typing while the Red Cherry MX switches are better for gaming.

Are Cherry MX silent red switches good for gaming? 

The many features and functions of the Cherry MX Silent Red make it a great choice for gaming.

The reduced noise of these switches is good for gamers who want to limit their exposure to background noise, but not such that they would notice any difference in performance or feel between the two variants.

If you are looking for a silent switch option and don’t mind sacrificing some durability, then the Cherry MX Silent Reds might be your best pick.

However, if you’re someone who wants to take advantage of everything that mechanical keyboards have to offer without having any extra noises bothering you during your play sessions, get yourself a regular MX Red switch instead!

Are Cherry MX reds good for gaming?

There are a lot of different Cherry MX switches, but the Red Cherry MX switches are often considered the best for gaming. They have a light and fast feel, making it easy to double-tap keys for quick responses. Some people do not like them because they are so light, but for gamers who want speed and accuracy, they can’t be beaten.

These are great for gaming also due to faster, smoother, and lighter actuation during clicks in gaming.

FAQs on Cherry MX Red vs Chery Mx Silent Red

Q. Is Cherry MX red quiet?

Yes, the Cherry MX Red switches are quiet.

Q. What does Cherry MX Silent Reds sound like?

The Cherry MX Silent Red are silent switches without any noticeable sound in clicks.

Q. What is the structural difference between Cherry MX Silent Red and Cherry MX Red?

The overall structure of Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red is similar, except that Silent MX Red has an additional dampening system in it.

Q. Are Cherry MX Red and silent red the same?

No, Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red are two different linear switches from Cherry MX. They are identical except for the MX Silent Red being more silent.


Let’s conclude the post on Cherry MX Red vs Chery Mx Silent Red!

Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red are great switches, but they offer different experiences.

Cherry MX Silent Red may be a better choice for those looking for a quieter switch, while Cherry MX Red may be better for those who want a more responsive switch.

I hope you liked reading this post and hope you have chosen the right Cherry MX Red version!

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