Gateron Red Vs Brown: Difference (Know This FIRST!)

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Gateron is a good brand in mechanical switch manufacturing featuring high-quality switches at a lower cost. 

If you are looking for a comparison of Gateron Red vs Gateron Brown, this is the right post.

Are you wondering which will be better for your gaming and typing?

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gateron brown vs gateron red

Let’s start the comparison!

Gateron Red vs Gateron Brown

Gateron RedGateron Brown
Switch TypeLinearTactile
Gaming PerformanceExcellent(Prefered by Gamers due to faster clicks)Excellent
Typing ExperienceSmooth and silent experienceTactile experience with a bumpy feeling
Actuation force45g45g

Gateron Red Review

Gateron Red

Gateron Red switches are a linear type of mechanical switch with an actuation force of 45g. They have a very smooth and silent-clicking experience. 

The Gateron Red switches have a quick response time which is excellent for gaming. However, during typing, you may end up having typos with a slight click on Red switches.

The switch is light, and you would love to use it. The Red Gateron switches are great for gaming, and gamers love using these switches.

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Gateron Brown Review

Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown mechanical switches are of the tactile type with an actuation force of 45g. They have a bumpy experience during clicks.

If you are a tactile switch fan, then the Gateron Browns would be an excellent choice for you.

The Gateron Browns are easy-to-click light mechanical switches that do not make noise when chicking.

It is a less clicker version than the Gateron Blues and low in noise, still giving a bumpy tactile experience.

The Gateron browns are great to be used in offices. You can check this full review of Gateron Brown to get to know better about Gateron brown.

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Switch Feel

The Gateron Reds feel buttery smooth and easy to type with. They have a feel like your keyboard clicks can never be smoother than the Gateron red linear switches.

The Gateron reds are impressive in experience while typing and playing games.

The red switches have an actuation force of only 45g, which is easy to click, and are silent to get a click. The Gateron Red switches can be clicked quickly, which supports faster action gameplay and even faster typing.

The Gateron Browns have sheer tactility, and a bumpy experience on the Gateron Brown switches.

The Gateron browns are in between the clicky blues and the red linear switches. They are not noisy like the blues. Hence, the Gateron browns give tactile yet moderate sound feedback.

The feel of the Gateron Brown switches is excellent, especially if you are a tactile switch fan and you love to notice your keypress feedback so that you know after you click a switch.

The tactile feedback makes it enjoyable to use the keyboard for a long session.

To know more about the switch feel you can check my guide on clicky vs tactile vs linear switches.

Build Quality and Durability

The Gateron Red and the Gateron browns have the excellent build quality, and the Gateron brand manufactures them.

Gateron is known to produce high-quality switches at a lower price.

The Gateron red switches and the Gateron Brown switches can be used for intensive gaming, easily performing well there. They are durable enough to handle regular tasks and gaming.

Typing Experience

The typing experiences of the Gateron Reds and the Gateron Browns are different. Some like the tactile bumpy feedback from the switches, and others like the silent and smooth keyboard switches.

Suppose you like a silent and smooth keyboard typing experience. In that case, the switch that gives that experience is the Gateron Red switch.

The Gateron Red switches are linear and perform very well during fast typing due to their low actuation force and better clicking speed.

However, suppose you type fast without seeing a keyboard. In that case, feedback from the switches helps us to identify whether our keypress occurred perfectly or not.

With the Gateron red switch, you would not get feedback from the keypress when you click on your mechanical keyboard having Gateron red.

If you like the tactile and bumpy keypress feedback, then the switch you would like to have is the Gateron browns. The Gateron browns are a tactile type of mechanical switch. The tactile switches have a great experience while typing. 

You can type fast without hesitation, and you will get the feedback of each switch click if you use the Gateron browns.

This would help us to type faster without making any mistakes as we receive feedback during the clicks on the keyboard.

The Gateron browns are great for people who like a clicky or tactile feedback switch, and still, that switch would not be noisy once. 

Gaming Experience

The Gateron Red and the Gateron browns have the same actuation of 45 g, which is easy to click and hence gaming-friendly. 

You would be able to click and play the game for a longer period without fatigue in your fingers.

The Keypress experience is faster, and hence the clicks are fast and accurate in the case of the Gateron Reds. Most gamers prefer Red linear switches for gaming.

The Gateron Brown switches have a tactile experience that provides good feedback for the clicks. The game feels very enjoyable playing with the Gateron browns.

I like playing games using the Gateron Brown switches more than the Gateron red switches.

My View: Which is better between the Gateron Red and Brown?

The Gateron Red and the Gateron Brown mechanical switches are great for gaming and typing. These switches are better according to their use cases. 

If you like a smooth and fast experience, then you would like the Gateron Red switches.

If you like a bumpy and tactile experience, then the Gateron Brown switches would be better for you.

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You can also check the in-depth Gateron switch guide here.

There is another budget brown switch from Kailh. You can check the comparison of Kailh Brown vs Gateron Brown here.

Gateron Red Vs Brown FAQ

Q: Are Gateron red or brown quieter?

Ans: Gateron red switches are quieter than the Gateron Browns.

Q: Which is better Gateron brown or red?

Ans: Gateron browns are better for tactile fans, and the Gateron Reds are better for Linear switch fans.

Q: Is Gateron red good for gaming?

Ans: Gateron Reds are suitable for gaming due to their fast clicks and excellent performance during gaming.


Let’s conclude the post on Gateron Red vs Gateron Brown!

Here, I discussed the Gateron Red, and the Gateron Brown switches with all parameters and use cases to compare them head to head. 

I hope you liked reading the post.

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