What are Unholy panda Switches? (+Review)

Author: Anirban Saha

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Have you heard about the Unholy Pandas already?

There are many mechanical switches in the market. There are some interesting things about the unholy panda mechanical switches.

Let’s dive right in!

What are Unholy Pandas?

Unholy Panda’s mechanical switches are linear and made from Halo upper and lower housing and spring. The stems are of Polar Pandas. The Unholy pandas are made from the leftover of the holy panda mechanical switches.

Unholy Panda Switches Review

Unholy Pandas are made from the remaining materials while making a great holy panda switch for mechanical keyboards.

Unholy Pandas Unboxing

However, I am amazed by the smoothness of the Unholy Panda switches. These can be compared to one of the best red switches. 

The clicks come consistently, and with an evenly lubed switch, it feels like a buttery smooth typing experience.

You will enjoy typing on it very much. The switches release light and are not like the opaque housing on the holy pandas. These emit a good amount of RGB lighting which looks great.

However, the clicking actuation force would depend on the spring used. Using a 62 or 67-g actuation spring will be a little harder to press every time.

You can also replace the spring with a lighter and easier-to-click one that would take less actuation force.

How do Unholy Panda switches feel?

Unholy pandas typing experience and feel

Unholy Panda switches are a surprise. Before using it, you will feel like another linear switch, and how would it be if it is made from the remnants of another switch?

However, after using the Unholy pandas, you will feel that the switches feel exceptionally very snappy and very smooth as a linear switch.

Are Unholy pandas good switches?

Unholy pandas switches are very good, and if you like linear switches.

It won’t make noise in your clicks, and there would not be feedback that you get in a tactile or a clicky switch.

Are Unholy Panda switches loud?

Unholy Pandas are linear switches which means they are silent during clicks. You won’t get noise when using Unholy Panda switches.


Let’s conclude the post!

The Unholy pandas can be a great choice to have as your regular typing companion, and it is great for office use also as they would not make noise while you type.

 I hope you enjoyed the post on Unholy pandas. 

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