Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming? (Know THIS!)

Author: Anirban Saha

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Are you looking for a non-mechanical computer keyboard that will give you the edge when gaming?

If so, you may be wondering if a membrane keyboard is a right choice for you.

So, Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming? A gaming type of membrane keyboard is good for gaming, especially for casual gaming. The keys on a membrane keyboard are also typically quiet and have smooth actuation. However, membrane keyboards are not recommended for FPS games and during tournaments.

Let’s get started!

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming

Let’s get started!

Why Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Membrane keyboards are often seen as an inferior type of keyboard to mechanical keyboards, but they actually have some advantages that make them good for gaming.

Here are five reasons why membrane keyboards are good for gaming:

1. Affordable Price Point

Mechanical keyboards can be quite expensive, but membrane keyboards are much more affordable. This makes them a great option for budget-conscious gamers.

So, for budget gamers, membrane keyboards turn out to be a better alternative than an expensive mechanical keyboard.

2. Quiet Typing Experience

Another advantage of membrane keyboards is that they’re much quieter than a mechanical switch keyboard that has clicky switches(e.g. From Cherry MX Switch we have Cherry MX blue switch) or tactile switches on them.

If you’re someone who likes to game in silence, a membrane keyboard is a great choice.

So, It can be said all membrane keyboards are silent, however, only a percentage of mechanical keyboards are silent(linear switch ones). The loudest mechanical switches are the clicky switches.

3. Light Weight

If we compare a full-sized mechanical keyboard with a full-sized membrane keyboard, the membrane keyboards are much lighter in their weight.

With a lightweight, they can be easily carried to competition and hence turn out to be a travel-friendly option.

4. Media Keys

A membrane keyboard is used as a regular keyboard worldwide for regular work, casual gaming, and school.

They have media control keys which make it easier to access volume control and more functionalities.

This even comes in handy during gaming as you can easily use it to control your Volume without interrupting your gaming experience.

Downsides of Membrane Keyboard

There are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before you make your purchase.

1. Less Responsive than Mechanical

One downside of membrane switch keyboards is that they can be less responsive than mechanical keyboards. This can be a problem when gaming, as you may need to press the keys more firmly to get a response.

“How much less responsive will I feel during gaming?” Practically, you won’t notice lag during gaming.

However, if you play an FPS game using a membrane and a mechanical keyboard switching one to the other you will clearly feel the increase in responsiveness during actuation in the case of the mechanical keyboard.

However, if you choose a membrane gaming keyboard, it is a much more optimized experience in gaming performance as compared to a regular membrane keyboard. In this case, your gaming experience would be better.

2. Less Durable than Mechanical

Another downside is that they can be less durable than mechanical keyboards.

If you are hard on your keyboard playing games often, a membrane keyboard may not be able to withstand heavy use as good as a mechanical keyboard can.

Membrane keyboards would wear off quickly with more actuation as compared to mechanical keyboard switches.

“Will it easily break during gaming?” No, it will not easily fall off. However, the durability is not that good.

My Overall View for Membrane Keyboards for Gaming Purposes

Overall, there are several reasons why membrane keyboards can be just as good, if not better, for gaming than mechanical keyboards.

If you are looking for a high-quality keyboard that is affordable, portable, and responsive, then a membrane keyboard may be the perfect option for you.

They are definitely not better than a mechanical keyboard as I found mechanical keyboards better in gaming. However, in terms of budget, membrane keyboards do very well in gaming.

“Which one would I choose If I can buy anyone from a Mechanical and A Membrane Keyboard?”

If my budget allows, obviously I would opt for the mechanical one. And as said, I myself use multiple mechanical keyboards.

I prefer the linear switch as the switch type of my mechanical keyboard for gaming.

“Do I recommend a membrane keyboard if you are a pro gamer?” No, I would not recommend a membrane keyboard if you are a pro gamer. A wired mechanical gaming keyboard would be the best one for you.

Conclusion: Should you use a Membrane Keyboard for gaming?

Let’s conclude the post on whether are membrane keyboards good for gaming!

It really depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly keyboard that’s durable and quiet, a membrane keyboard is a good option.

However, if you’re looking for a high-performance gaming keyboard that’s comfortable to use, you might want to consider a mechanical gaming keyboard.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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