BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T: Are there any differences?

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The BenQ XL2411Z and the XL2430T are two similar gaming monitors from the popular Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ. Both monitors use a 24-inch screen that displays videos at a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

If you are looking to compare BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T, then this is the right post.

One of the most important things that gamers look for in a monitor is the monitor’s response time. The BenQ XL2411Z and the BenQ XL2430T has a 1ms response time.

There are so many things to consider, including the budget you have set, the screen size you need, the refresh rates you need, the type of gaming you do, etc.

BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T

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BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T

BenQ XL2411ZBenQ XL2430T
Panel TypeTN PanelTN Panel
Display Size24 inch24 inch
Refresh Rate144Hz144Hz
Response Time1ms1ms
Dimensions22.2 x 57 x 42.92 cm‎19.81 x 56.64 x 51.82 cm
Model Year20162014

BenQ XL2411Z Review

A BenQ monitor review is an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the monitor in question. It is usually written by a professional monitor reviewer or a monitor enthusiast.

For gamers, this monitor is a must! The response time is 1ms, so there is no ghosting or other issues.

The colors are vibrant, but you can adjust them to your liking with the built-in settings.

The monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz with a 1ms response time, making it the fastest monitor for a better gaming experience.

It has a resolution of 1920×1080 with 24 inches screen size. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a LED panel type.

The color depth of the screen is 8-bit with a brightness of 350 cd/m2. 

The contrast ratio of the screen is 1000:1. The screen has a display port, HDMI, and DVI port with a USB hub of 2 ports for charging.

The monitor has two speakers with a headphone jack. The monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

It weighs 6kg with a stand of height-adjustable, tilt, swivel, and pivot. 

The BenQ XL2411Z is a pretty good monitor for anyone looking for something that has a very sleek look to it.

It does have a lot to offer, even though it doesn’t have the Motion Blur Reduction technology. It’s still great, though.

I love the Flicker-free technology because it eliminates screen flicker to let me enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience.

Generally, the blue light of the display bothers much when used for a long amount of time, and using this monitor, you will get an edge over as you will get the blue light reduced with this monitor.

Overall, if you are a gamer playing competitive games regularly and even professional photo and video editing, this monitor is highly recommended.

BenQ XL2430T Review

The BenQ XL2430T features a great 24-inch LED monitor, which is a good size in compact form for displays required for photo and video editing.

This gaming monitor is very fast in terms of image rendering on the screen as it has a great 144Hz refresh rate on the screen paired with a very fast 1ms response time.

If you are a competitive gamer, you will enjoy using this monitor very much, and your gameplay will be great.

To know more about the comparison of refresh rate vs response time, you can check this article. It will help to see the difference and which one to prioritize more.

You can even pair this monitor with another 24-inch monitor for a multi-monitor setup for your gaming and use it for your work. 

Overall, if you find this gaming monitor available in a good deal, it is worth having included for your workspace. 

My View: Which is better of BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T?

You would find it great whether you choose the BenQ XL2411Z or the BenQ XL2430T.

You will find them worth it for the price. It will depend on the availability of the product in your area. You can choose one that has the better deal.

The BenQ XL2411Z and BenQ XL2430T are similar and do not have much distinguishing difference in specs and performance.

Both of these monitors are not IPS, so they are not color-accurate. So, if you are looking for a color-accurate display, then it is not for you.

So, if you are looking for a monitor, especially for gaming, this monitor would be your great companion.

FAQs on BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T

Q. Is BenQ XL2411Z good?

BenQ XL2411Z is excellent for gaming as it has a very fast refresh rate of 144Hz and a Response time of 1ms, which is awesome. 

Q. Does the BenQ XL2430T have speakers?

BenQ XL2430T does not have in-built speakers. So, to get audio out of your monitor, you need to plug in external speakers to this monitor.

Q. Does BenQ XL2411Z have FreeSync?

BenQ XL2411Z does not have AMD FreeSync support, and there are no updates to get this monitor to have FreeSync.

Q. Does BenQ XL2430T have G Sync?

BenQ XL2430T does not support G Sync. You can look for BenQ XL2420G that supports the GSync technology.

Q. Does BenQ XL2430T support 144Hz?

BenQ XL2430T supports a high refresh rate of 144Hz. This monitor is hence excellent for competitive gaming performance.


Let’s conclude the post on BenQ XL2411Z vs BenQ XL2430T.

Both the monitors are great for the price they are available from BenQ.

I hope you liked reading through the comparison.

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