The Best Linear Switches to Buy of 2022

Best Linear Switches

There are a lot of different types of switches like linear, tactile, and clicky available for mechanical keyboards on the market today. Linear switches are one of the popular switches in the gaming community and it’s known for their performance. If you are looking for the best linear switches for your mechanical keyboard, here I … Read more

Gateron Yellow Review: Are these Good?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Gateron Yellow Review

Gateron has a good range of keyboard switches which are cheaper than Cherry MX. The Gateron Yellow comes in their linear switch segment. Linear switches are mechanical switches without any clicking noise or any feedback.  Gateron Linear Switches are smooth and snappy and they give an awesome experience during actuation in gaming and typing. These … Read more

Gateron Yellow Vs Halo True: Differences(Which Is Better?)

Gateron Yellow vs Halo True

The Gateron yellow switches are often compared to the Halo True switches. They have a similar feel, but the Gateron yellow switches have a slightly different weight and sound.  Some say that the Halo True switches are better, but others swear by the Gateron yellow switches.  I would compare the Gateron Yellow vs Halo True … Read more

What are Topre Switches? (Review+Best Topre Keyboards)

topre switches

Topre switches are a type of keyboard switch that are often considered some of the best available.  They are a popular choice for gaming and professional applications. They offer a great mix of speed, tactile feedback, and quiet operation. Though they may be more expensive than some other switch types, Topre switches are known for … Read more

Cherry MX Brown vs Blue Switches: Which is Better?(2022)

Cherry MX Brown Vs Blue

The type of switches on a keyboard influences how comfortable and productive a user can be. Cherry MX Brown and the Cherry MX Blue variant are two of the most popular mechanical switches. Both switches are very popular for typing and gaming, but which one is the best for you? In this article, we will … Read more

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown: Differences(What’s better?)

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

Gateron Brown and Cherry Brown are one of the two most popular tactile switches. Both switches are tactile, but they have some key differences. So, which one is the better switch? These switches are “tactile” because they have a noticeable bump when you actuate them. This bump indicates that you have activated the switch registered … Read more

Outemu Switches: Are they Good? {Complete Guide 2022}

Outemu Switches

Are you looking for a new switch to upgrade your keyboard with? Outemu switches might be the answer for you. They come in many different colors and are considered to be high-quality switches. However, some people believe that they are not as good as other options on the market. Outemu switches are a type of … Read more

Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red: Which One is Better Linear?

Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Red

When choosing a linear keyboard switch, there are many brands and options to choose from. Out of all the different types of keyboard switches, if you are considering looking at the Gateron linear lineup, Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red are two of the most popular options. So, which one is better?  This article will compare … Read more

Gateron Yellow Vs Gateron Black: What’s better? [2022]

Gateron Yellow vs Gateron Black

Gateron switches are a popular choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, with a wide range of colors and options to choose from.  In this article, we’ll compare Gateron Yellow vs Black switches to help you decide which might be the best option for you.  First, I will review the yellow and the black Gateron switches, then … Read more