How Long Does It Take to Lube Keyboard Switches?

How Long Does It Take to Lube Keyboard Switches

Lubricating keyboard switches can prolong their life and make them more responsive. If you’re looking to speed up the keystrokes you make, lubricating your switches could be a smart choice. But, still, you may not be lubing your keyboard switches as you may feel it will take much of your time. If you are thinking … Read more

What Does Lubing Switches Do? (ANSWERED)

What does lubing switches do

In this post, you would get an in-depth idea of what does lubing switches do. Switches are one of the most important pieces of a mechanical keyboard. They are used to determine when a key has been pressed and send that information to the computer. They are the most heavily used component on a mechanical … Read more

How Long Does Stabilizer Lube Last? (ANSWERED)

How Long does Stabilizer lube last

A keyboard stabilizer is a small, spring-loaded device that helps keep the keys of a keyboard in place. It needs lubing to keep it running smooth and prevent rattling sounds. In this post, I would discuss about how long does the Stabilizer Lube last. Over time, the lubricant used to keep the stabilizers in place … Read more

Does Keyboard Lube Dry Out? (+ How Long does it Last?)

does keyboard lube dry out

Lubricating keyboard switches and stabilizers are essential as they help to remove friction during clicks and deliver a smooth typing experience. If you are using a mechanical keyboard and found that your switches feel to be scratchier, it’s time to lube the mechanical switches. But, before choosing a lube it is essential to know whether … Read more

Samsung TV Remote Not Working (Causes + FIX)

Samsung TV Remote not working

If you are facing the issue of the Samsung TV Remote not working, then you have come to the right place. This is a common issue that many Samsung TV users face with their Samsung Smart Remote Control once in a while. There are ways you can troubleshoot and fix it without having to purchase a … Read more

What is Keyboard Ghosting? (Complete GUIDE with FIX)

Keyboard Ghosting

Have you ever noticed that when you play games, there are moments when your keyboard keys would not work? What you’re experiencing is called keyboard ghosting. This is not much common as everyone won’t experience it. Keyboard ghosting is a problem that has been around for a long time. The problem is not a software … Read more

Evofox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad Review (+Pros & Cons)

EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad Review

If you’re looking for a wireless gamepad that will enhance your gaming experience, you’ve probably come across the Amkette Evofox Elite Ops Wireless gamepad. In this post, I would do a complete in-depth Amkette EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad Review. I like playing games very much in my pass time. I was looking for a … Read more

Gateron Switches (Definitive GUIDE of 2022!)

Gateron Switches

There are many types of Gateron switches, each with its own unique properties that make them ideal for different uses. This blog post will provide a complete in-depth Gateron switches guide. Why Should you Trust Me? Hi, I am Anirban Saha, an Engineer with a Specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have experience in … Read more