Logitech M185 VS M325: Differences (Know this FIRST!)


If you are confused about which mouse to choose between Logitech M185 and M325, then it is the right post for you. Here, I compared the Logitech M185 vs M325 in terms of build quality, features(like DPI, Sensor), performance, Battery Life, connectivity, OS support, and more. This would help you to get in and out … Read more

Logitech G304 VS G305:Are There Any DIFFERENCES?


Logitech G304 and G305 are similar mouse offerings from Logitech, of which I was curious to find the difference. Logitech G-Series is the Gaming series of Logitech mice and is crafted exceptionally well for Gaming performance. The G304 and G305 are the colored high-performance mouse from Logitech Gaming and have the Logitech HERO Sensor technology … Read more

Logitech M331 VS M190: Differences (Know this FIRST!)


If you are looking for some good quality wireless mice under a mid-tier budget then you would get Logitech M190 and M331 mice. You might be confused about making a decision between M190 and M331 from Logitech. Both the mice are wireless and would not clutter your workspace. After reading this complete post you would … Read more

What is G shift? (The Ultimate GUIDE!)-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

g shift

If you have the Logitech G-Series Mouse and are looking to know what G Shift functionality is, then this is the right place. While using the Logitech Gaming Mouse-like G502, G402, G203, or any other you would find in the Logitech Gaming Hub, G Shift has minimal mention. Here I will explain G Shift in detail. G Shift … Read more

Best Mouse for Finger Pain [2022]


When I am working for more than 8-10 hours continuously on my PC and use my mouse for a long time. Many times I faced finger pain and slight discomfort. Ergonomically designed mouses are based on breakthrough designs that improve grip and comfort while we use the mouse for our work. These ergonomic mouses are … Read more

8 Best Mouse Under 200 In India (2022)

best mouse under 200 rs

Finding the best mouse under 200 INR can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many great mice on the market that offer great value for your money. Not everyone would need a premium mouse. If you are looking for the cheapest and budget mouse under 200 rs in India, … Read more